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Some questions about Meat/Fat???

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  • Some questions about Meat/Fat???

    So I've been on primal for about a week, but I have a couple (probably basic) questions about meat, fat, and eggs.

    I'm a broke college student and one of the easiest ways for me to get meat is by using the burger patties from my school cafeteria. I like to take one or two beef or turkey patties toss them in a veg loaded spinach and lettuce salad. Do you guys think this is an acceptable source of protein?

    Also, I've been cooking chicken with the skin on lately, specifically drumsticks because they are cheap. The only problem seems to be that they are just oozing juices and there are lots of chunks of fat that I'm unsure if I'm actually supposed to eat. Is there a better part of the chicken to eat? Is it really okay to leave the skin and fatty chunks on?

    Also...Is it really okay to eat eggs everyday? I love eggs and was thrilled that they seemed to be a good choice for a primal breakfast, but I guess I just have to question.

    I'm sorry if these sound like stupid questions. I've ordered the book and read much of the website, but I just don't want to be shooting myself in the foot during the week before it's delivered.

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    No worries Arcy... you’re doing the best you can with what you have. The burgers might not be the best choice as far as meat goes because most of the institutional burgers are made with soy and different fillers instead of real meat. If you have other options, you might be better off (chicken, pot roast, exc).
    Keeping chicken handy is a great idea... I do the same thing. Cook up a bunch of drumsticks and keep them in the fridge for a small meal or a snack. Keeping the skin on and eating the fat is fine if you’re able to get organic chicken. It's a great way to get extra fat into you diet. If your not able to get organic chicken, it may be better to trim the fat and remove the skin because that's where a large portion of the crap (hormones, antibiotics, exc) are stored in the animal. The less you can consume of this crap the better.
    As far as eggs go... EAT THEM! I do the same thing with eggs that I do with chicken... hard boil a dozen at a time and take them with me to work for a snack or a small meal. In an average day I'll eat 8 to 10 eggs... maybe 4 or 5 for breakfast and 4 or 5 for lunch/dinner. They are a great source of protein and amino acids and they are one of the only foods to contain naturally occurring vitamin D. Eat as much as you want.
    Your off to a good start... keep it up. And as they always say... there's no such thing as a stupid question.


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      If it helps, even CW these days has admitted that eggs are not the enemy. The American Heart Association is extremely conservative and even they say an egg a day is fine.

      Of course as you see above and will surely see elsewhere on the forums, lots of folks eat LOTS more eggs than that every day, and still end up with excellent numbers when they do cholesterol testing! You can google for scientific studies that back that up, too. Perhaps our bodies feel less obliged to hang onto cholesterol when it's readily available in our diet.
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        Thanks guys, I really appreciate the advice! It's just so weird to me... having come from a large family where everyone has high cholesterol/ blood pressure... It's been beaten into me that fat and eggs and meat are are bad by my well-intentioned mother! So instead I grew up eating massive amounts of carbs. I guess it's all part of deprogramming the conventional wisdom I've grown up on.


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          I am here to tell you that eggs everyday is more thank okay. I highly recommend it, I go through roughly a dozen a day; another college kid here in case you were wondering.
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            ditto on the above replies from an avid gym rat. I also recommend chicken breast meat (more expensive) but I eat them by the boatloads (literally grill up like 3lbs on the weekend to eat for lunches all week) - great lean source of protein!


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              Originally posted by Adventure8410 View Post
              I am here to tell you that eggs everyday is more thank okay. I highly recommend it, I go through roughly a dozen a day; another college kid here in case you were wondering.

              Wish I could afford to eat a dozen eggs a day but, even if I buy the cheapest I can find (15p each) 1.80 a day on eggs is still FAR too much!
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                Ah, the joys of being small and female and not physically capable of eating more than 2 eggs at a sitting anyway.

                Arcy, you're doing brilliantly on limited resources. As someone said above, animal store toxins in their fat - but if you find affordable good quality meat, definitely eat the whole thing - skin, fat and all. (Every now and then a local supermarket sells duck legs at half price. Wonderful.)

                Also - Mark has posts on surviving on a budget. Where I am that means eggs, mackerel (erm, assuming you're not cooking in your room...), lamb's liver, slow cooked meats and so on... all things I'd rather eat than chicken breasts anyway.

                Happy deprogramming!


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                  Getting to eat eggs every day is my favorite part of the PB! Seriously - I love those things. Of course, as another small person I usually just have 2, though will very rarely go up to 4. I've actually been kind of sad lately because I won't be able to get my favorite pastured eggs again until the spring - I was getting them from some very nice goat farmers for $2.50/dozen. So, enjoy your eggs! Just as a word of caution, it seems like some people do run into stomach problems if they eat too many eggs, so if you've been eating, say, six a week, you might not want to jump right into eating a dozen every day.

                  It sounds like you're doing just fine given your limited resources. I'm not sure what kind of area you're in, but if you get the chance you might want to try checking out some "ethnic" grocery stores or butchers. When I was in college and on a very tight budget, my friends and I would often shop at various Latin American, African, Asian, and Eastern European markets. They typically had a great variety of cheap produce (not organic, but so it goes), as well as an interesting selection of inexpensive meats and seafood.

                  I definitely understand growing up in a family with a history of high cholesterol. We ate fairly low fat for most of my childhood, and I was beginning to show signs of high cholesterol in spite of a near-vegan diet. When I was in college though, my parents started getting into Atkins (though they did their own strange vegetarian version) and low-GI/low-carb eating in general. So, we all eat a lot more fat now and are much happier for it. As of the last time I got my numbers checked, they were fine, though I'm admittedly overdue.
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                    Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Eggs are now officially my favorite food...even though I can only eat about 2-3 in one setting. Once I get paid I'm going to journey to the closest Whole Foods (Other closer options being Save-a-lot AKA Stab-a-lot, Rite Aid, and a local grocery that doesn't sell any sort of organic meats.) hopefully I can load up on some healthier stuff.


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                      1 yes
                      2 yes
                      3 yes


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                        What you are eating is great. Everything about fat and cholestorol is a lie.


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                          I'd look into Pork Butt if you have access to an oven. Really cheap by the pound and will last you awhile. Also tastes really good when you baste it in your favorite tea.