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Heavy weight lifting and supplements

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  • Heavy weight lifting and supplements

    Since going primal a couple months ago, I've rediscovered my passion for heavy weight lifting. My focus has turned from trying to loose weight and trim my body, to trying to bulk up with lean muscle and loose body fat (relatively the same thing just different focus). Now I'm curious if any of the vitamins and supplements I'm taking are not so primal friendly. I've been trying to stay strictly with vitamins, creatine, and whey protein. Here's a list of what I'm currently taking:

    -Now brand 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate (Natural)
    -Vitamin C
    -Vitamin B complex
    -Vitamin B3
    -GNC Mega Men multivitamin
    -Fish Oil

    If anyone has anything else that they would recommend or if you see something that I shouldn't be taking, please let me know.

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    I would recommend adding some Vitamin D in there, even if you're getting good sun exposure.

    I take Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Glutamine and BCAA. I don't take whey protein currently.

    I take BCAA mixed with Glutamine (read about it here: that's part 1, read all parts) but ONLY for fasted training in the mornings. I take 10g (2 scoops of the brand I buy, but I think it rings true for most brands) 10-15 mins before a workout and another 10g about 2 hours after, then I eat about an hour to two hours after that. I just started this though so I can't comment on it's effectiveness. It's not really supposed to make you bigger or anything, and Martin Berkham (author of another site you should read if you aren't aware of it yet, fits into what you're trying to do) has stated that if you don't train fasted and eat plenty of protein there's really no need for BCAA but that if you do train fasted he recommends it so I'm giving it a go. I also like to take it as a placebo effect, meaning if I work out after taking BCAA I want to really push myself and make sure I'm not cheating myself because I spent money on the damn BCAA so I might as well have my body use it up with a nice hard workout! so whether BCAA will truly work for me or not may be very hard to judge. It only cost me $32 at GNC and it should last a little over a month so I'm okay with the purchase.

    Good luck!

    Oh also, check out this Leangains article regarding supplementation:

    It gets a little nutty towards the end (in my opinion) and there's some stuff I wouldn't want to mess with (most of the fat loss stuff, I bet I'd get super jittery on them, plus the idea of taking too many things really bugs me out) but the first 4 or so are worthy of a read.
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      Thanks for the reply iniQuity. I've been reading a lot about BCAA and think I'll give it a shot. I appreciate the info and web sites. If you don't mind me asking, I was curious as to why your not doing whey protein? Everything I've read lists protein as the most important building block when it comes to weight lifting. I eat plenty of protein through the day, but am more than happy to add some whey at least twice a day (poet and didn't know it . I've also been reading a lot about casein protein and am considering giving that a try as well. It's supposed to be great for your body while your sleeping.