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    I have looked in the archives of the website and on this forum,
    but could not find a specific entry on going PRIMAL and TRAVEL.

    I was a semi-professional soccer player for a large part of my life, but have felt more fit post-career than during the time that I was doing top-sport, so the advantages of going primal are well-known to me.

    After my career, I became a full-time traveler, and throughout the years I am stumbling my way figuring out the issues that come with traveling from one place to another on a regular basis:

    . what to do when you do no have a fridge to stack food?
    . discovering products i have never seen before.
    . what if you do not have kitchen to prepare food.
    . how to find good stores quickly in new places.
    . ...

    More than asking answers to these questions, I am wondering if there are fellow travelers out there, and what they have learned on their travels ... I found it easier to live primal when I was in one place than when traveling. How do you remain primal on the road?


    ~ Hans Comijn
    Ars Amorata

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    I would be interested in this as well.


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      I travel a lot for work and I think I'm doing well but I always come back from a biz trip 2-3 pounds heavier. I just eat low-carb and hope for the best.


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        Check out this link.
        Ancestral Nutrition Coaching
        Pregnancy Nutrition Coaching
        Primal Pregnancy Nutrition Article


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          Stay in hotel rooms with kitchenettes, buy groceries and prepare food as usual.
          Invest in a portable gas grill.
          You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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            I don't travel a lot, but when I do, I pack nuts or a quality protein bar for the plane if I need a meal replacement, and at restaurants and hotels, I just focus on fish, meat, and vegetables for my lunch or dinner. Most places are accommodating, so I can ask for things just broiled or poached with no sauces, etc. I have sensitivities to a lot of food additives, and I explain that when I ask for changes.

            Breakfast can be difficult if there's a 'free' buffet, which usually only has carby items. When that's the case, I usually just have coffee. If I know in advance, I'll bring more nuts and have a few with my coffee. Fruit is usually available, but I don't eat fruit.

            I've never had any problems eating low carb and simply when I travel--but I always plan in advance to avoid being in a situation where I cannot get decent food.

            To me, the most 'difficult' thing about traveling is avoiding the typical fare that's offered (and promoted) everywhere--high carb junk. If someone is not fully committed to health, it's easy to blame the 'temptations' for one's indulgences.


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              Robb Wolf's site has information on this i.e. choosing paleo fare when on the road. I find steak houses pretty good (grilled steak + salad - very easy). Quite often there are boiled eggs available at the hotel breakfast buffet, that and some fruit do pretty well. I always take nuts, fruit and jerky but don't bother with chilled stuff as it's too much hassle unless you're driving and staying in self-caterings style accommodation. Some airlines allow you to pre-book celiac meals which I understand are a pretty good idea/ ATEOTD I think it's one of those things you have take in your stride and not get too freaked out by. You can always get back on track asp if circumstances conspire against you.


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                I'll pack a small cutting board and utensils and hit a local grocery store when I arrive. An in room fridge is always great and it seems more likely in the cheap rooms I prefer. I try to eat only one restaurant meal a day. It is unfortunate that most complimentary breakfasts in the US are essentially coffee, sugar & carbs, like the SAD. I have found the pensiones and B&B's in Europe to serve a heartier breakfast with meat and eggs that will set you up for the day. Thinking back we ate pretty good at those places wherever they were.
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                  thank you for replying,
                  and I think I am in a rather unique situation of traveling constant (for 3 years now),
                  and very minimal -- carry-on only.

                  I know what to pack when moving (nuts, hard-boiled eggs, fish, ...),
                  but the interesting issues for me really relate to

                  - getting to know new foods fast in a new place
                  - finding the best stores fast ... finding good food in a new city
                  in many ways it seems to me that traveling makes it more difficult to remain primal for the simple reason that it is harder to surround yourself with primal food,
                  as it brings both limitations and opportunities for a primal fitness lifestyle (harder to get involved in organised play f.e., but also more pleasant to see a different scenery when walking, ...)

                  I am looking to share experiences with people adhering to the lifestyle.
                  and are travelers.

                  You can find me on facebook : Hans Comijn

                  Thanks again for your responses!