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Anybody else taking a daily dose of coconut oil?

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  • Anybody else taking a daily dose of coconut oil?

    I have been reading a lot about coconut oil and am amazed by all the various benefits it is supposed to have for the human body. I've started taking 2 tbsp a day in hopes that it will alleviate my hypothyroidism. I'm also interested it in helping with my very slow weight loss. What I was most shocked to discover in my reading, though, is that coconut oil can help people with Alzheimer's. Apparently, when the Alzheimer's impaired brain is unable to use glucose, it can use the ketones produced by the liver when a person ingests coconut oil which primarily consists of medium chain triglycerides. Fingers crossed, I bought a jar for my mom who is in early stages of dementia. I'm hoping it may help slow down this process for her.

    So my questions to you are...

    What are you taking coconut oil daily for? and is it helping?

    And how are you taking it??

    We cook with it, but I'm afraid I'm not getting enough. I'm a little anal and I like to take the coconut oil in measured amounts. I've started eating it straight, but our house is currently 65% and the consistency of cold coconut oil is gagworthy. The past couple of days I've melted a very small bit of 86% dark chocolate in a small bowl and then stirred the coconut oil in to that. That tastes pretty good and makes the oil much more palatable. Any other ideas??

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    I add it to tea or coffee. The brand I use (Spectrum) doesn't have a strong coconut taste at all. I like it that way. I can't tell if it's helping with fat loss because I'm doing a couple of other things to aid that so it would be too hard to tell if that element alone is making a difference. I have not been using it for any other purpose but I'll take any and all benefits. I cook with it as well. I think on average I intake 2 teaspoons a day, for a time I was trying to up my intake by drinking more but I felt I became a tad jittery, and I don't think I was drinking caffeine.
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      I use Tropical Traditions' coconut oil for cooking, and eat their coconut cream concentrate (which is something like 70% oil but is MUCH more palatable) off the spoon, mostly as an anti-candida measure. It also have impressive benefits with regard to athletic performance, thanks to its MCTs.
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        I like to use it as a salad dressing. I also like put it in the fridge and then eat it like a piece of chocolate. It goes really good with coffee. do you look, feel, and perform? -- Robb Wolf

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          I would melt some with lindt 85% chocolate, pour into little silicone cup molds and eat it like chocolate. I was eating some every day to improve my complexion, which I feel like it did!


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            Even easier, I put some in a cup and pour boiling water over it - drink it like a tea. There's a point where there's too much oil, and then it is a little gagworthy but if you like drining water and are used to drinking tea or coffee, just do it a couple times a day i.e. morning and night.

            I found it helped me sleep better in the evening (calming) and the flavour was milder with the water. When the water is hot (but not scalding) its very liquid, so it goes down very smoothly.

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              Syzchan, that silicone cup idea is brilliant! I am going to give that one a try.