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Very short concise description of PB eating?

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  • Very short concise description of PB eating?

    I'd like to have a link handy that gives a very short, concise description of PB eating (not the fitness stuff necessarily) that I could send people who ask. I love the primal 101 posts by Mark but I'm looking for something less wordy, like "we eat X, we don't eat Y, some people enjoy Z in moderation". Anyone have a link?
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    Everyone is different here, but genereally,

    We eat lots of fat (from butter, meats, eggs, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, lard, tallow, you named it). We eat all kinds of meat (pastured/organic preferably, or least antibiotics, hormones free). We eat fruits. We eat vegetables. We don't eat grains, sugar, processed food, etc. We don't use vegetable oils such as corn, canola oil. We enjoy nuts, dark chocolate, etc, in moderation. Some enjoy dairy in moderation as well.


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      If it's meat or can be eaten raw, we eat it. We don't eat grains, legumes, sugar or processed foods or oils. Some eschew dairy, some have dark chocolate.
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        "Eat real food, mostly plants, some meat"

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          Here's basically what I say when someone asks "so what have you been eating?":

          "I eat mostly meat, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables & nuts. I don't eat any grains, sugar, processed food or vegetable oils. I don't drink milk, but do have some butter, cream, and hard cheeses. I do have a drink here and there, and try to keep that carb free most of the time."

          I don't get into hormone free, omega 6, or anything else at this point. I figure just get the meat and potatoes (heh) of the diet out in 2-3 sentences. When people ask this I think they're looking for an answer that only takes one or two breaths to get out. If they ask me any other questions I can get into more of it then.


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            Here's The Whole9 Nutrition Elevator Pitch but it's still pretty wordy and feels like it's being read from a pamphlet to me.


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              Animals and all their edible products, all vegetables, all fruits. All close to their natural stages, but I do cook without thinking twice about it. No grains, no legumes, no processed foods, no refined carbs.

              I don't eat nuts and seeds because I'm not a squirrel. (I love messing with you guys)

              I feel that line encompasses eggs, bacon, milk, butter, etc. I feel that if they're interested then further info can be added. I can go into coconut oil, not eating certain vegs, etc.

              Truth is though, everybody has a slightly different version of what's primal/paleo and what's not. Obviously my stating "all vegetables/fruits" isn't entirely true, but it is for the most part. I went back and edited my version about three times. Most newcomers will simply be scared off if you tell them you don't eat bananas or something like that. 30 a day, son.
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