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Best Carbs? Fruit vs root? Sugar vs. Starch

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    Originally posted by rockstareddy View Post
    This is interesting, hadn't thought about using starch to help muscle gain, could explain a reason why I reached a plateau a while ago and gave up?! I thought I'd covered every aspect of gaining but had just reached a limit. hmmmm. I take it HC days are workout days? and your post workout meal is quite big, can I ask what time of day you train?

    btw whats the gelatin for?!? you didn't say! sounds interesting, wondered what would happen if you put it in coffee or hot choc.

    HC days are WO days

    I train usually in the am..say 11:30 - 12:00, then I take my meal about 1 hour after (Im not hungry before that).

    I really think my PW meal is not that big, (I eat 3 meals a day) considering that I have to take more than 2.600 cal to gain.
    And if you dont EAT you dont GROW, really simple, really true.

    The jello is for added proteins and aminoacids that are usefull when diet is high in muscle meat & low on..let say marrow & bone broth. Also I think it could be useful as a pre WO meal on IF days (provide proteins with little cal) but this is just personal belief, although I think its working!
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      For me it's simple; more than a little fruit seems to have an adverse affect on me (sore mouth, sick feeling in my stomach, gives me the shits, sometimes itchiness, sometimes hives), plentiful starches do not.


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        personally, i do better on fruit than starches.

        while i do eat root veggies, i do find them "addicting" and that they "weigh me down" (feeling). i do better if i eat vegetables and have a bit of fruit. on occasion, sweet potato "fries" (made in the oven of course!) are great--particularly when dipped in an home-made aoli!--but i do better on fruit myself.

        that's just me, though, and i know this about myself after years o' experience.


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          I'm fascinated how people are different.. I find it interesting reading to see everyone's experince. Myself, strangely enought feel wonderful on fruit. Granted it makes me a little hungry if not taken with protein. But I did experiement with fruit till 2pm, and just meat till 2pm. Fruit made me feel light and I was bouncing with engergy and I had no cravings, just natural rumbling tummy being hungry. Meat til ttill 2pm, gave me indigestion..that bile feeling at the back of the throat, like my stomach was all churned up. I've done this a few times now with the same result. I think my happy medium may be more fruit, but WITH some protien. I have done some of this too.. eg lamb leg steak with some strawberries for breakfast with no digestion problems at all, and no hunger.


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            Originally posted by FairyRae View Post

            Good luck on figuring what works best for you! This is a topic I am interested in well, hence the serial posting! (sorry! )
            Thankyou! Don't apologise!!

            No more diets. No more stress. Health made easy. Living made incredible.


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              Originally posted by rockstareddy View Post
              Fair enough, I know we shouldn't let CW get in the way, but is a tiny part of you not think that maybe at least one piece of fruit a day would be a good idea? Just to make sure your not missing out on anything? Not criticising just questioning Afterall, it is called MarksDailyAPPLE!.
              Nope. I have a whole bag of greens and a cauliflower most days, so no worries about that. An apple is just sugar, water, and some vitamin C (Mainly to counteract the fructose hit) I prefer veggies.