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Did I figure this right?

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  • Did I figure this right?

    I did this a while back and based it on the info. from the book. I am going to start using myfitnesspal and get back to tracking the macro. rather than just writing food down. I am hoping since I can access it on my phone it will be easy and I won't obsess as I do if I actually get on the computer. Anyhow... here's what I came up with.

    Calories @1900
    Protein 142.5g or 30%
    Fat 111.9 or 53%
    Carbs 80.8 or 17%

    I am 5'5" 36 yrs. old and @24%bf (that is with skin calipers)

    I spend my day with a good mix of sitting and standing/walking. I normally workout regularly.

    I think that is all the info. needed.

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    Everything looks fine, but that is still missing info.
    Sample menus.


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      You don't mention your total weight. That's part of the equation to determine your protein needs.


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        opps. between 148-152 depending on the day and I am trying to lose weight.

        Anand- just making sure I figured the values right.


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          If you're trying to lose weight, I'd lower the carbs to about 30g a day.


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            I was thinking something similar, taking the carbs to 50ish and allowing some more fat....but then again that is what I am doing and I am stalled for 6 weeks now (first 2 months went great) so I think I am going to up the carbs and bring the fat down --about to what your post says......Its hard to find that happy spot, then as soon as we find it the body changes its mind
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              You seem to be in the range that is not easily conducive to weight loss.
              There are a few options.
              1) Keep a healthy regime and hope that it gets down by itself. This is the way to go, if you are into it for health reasons. Sometimes playing with the type of food you eat also disturbs the gut flora, and may result in a lower body weight.
              2) Try to force the body to reduce the fat, by proper food management. The weight loss this way may not be permanent.
              Easiest way is to pick up the 6 week cure for the middle aged middle, by Dr.Mike Eades and follow it faithfully. It seems to help people.