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Animal Fat, Plant Fat, Nut fat, what's the difference???

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  • Animal Fat, Plant Fat, Nut fat, what's the difference???

    I've just thought of a question that I'm not sure of the answer to. I understand that when you heat up oils like EVOO that it changes the composition of the fat. How come the same thing doesn't happen when you heat up animal fat? I ask this as I just microwaved my "Spaghetti Sauce Stew" that I have everyday for lunch. (I'm boring). I'm just curious as to why all fats don't change the way that others do.

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    You can think of fats as chains. Saturated fats have all of their links closed and linked. When a fat is unsaturated, that means one (mono) or more (poly) links are open. Those links get filled over time due to oxidation, and heat speeds up the process.

    Also, O3 and O6 are so named because the first open link in them is the 3rd and 6th respectively.


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      Can I steal or steer this topic in a slightly different direction, or have them side by side?

      I'm wondering the same but for protein. Is there a big different in the amino acid composition of animal protein and other sources? (beans, nuts, soy) I know that 06 is higher in beans, nuts, soy, etc and also in grain fed meat but what other differences are there? I like meat as my primary protein and don't intake almost any other protein source (besides eggs, hey! throw eggs in the comparison mix too please) so I was curious...
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        @iniQuity: yup! The biggest difference is that animal products like meat and eggs are complete proteins (meaning they contain sufficient levels of the 9 amino acids that the body can't synthesize), while most plant proteins are missing essential amino acids, like lysine, methionine, or tryptophan. There are a few exceptions to this including soy and quinoa. As long as you are eating meat and eggs, you are doing fine!
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