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meal high in carbs - with or without fat?

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  • meal high in carbs - with or without fat?

    Maybe my question is stupid because I have got some facts wrong - if this is the case, please ignore the question! From what I understood, fat storage happens the way - explained very simplified, of course - that insulin that is produced by the intake of carbohydrates "opens" fat cells for fat to be stored. When I plan to have a meal with a considerable amount of carbs (a fruit salad or something with sweet potatoe or squash) is it wiser to prepare it with only little to no fat (fruit salad without cream, potatoes without butter) so that there is little fat present to be stored? It sounds plausible but doesn´t seem right to me for a fruits without cream or nuts will, in my case, make me very hungry an hour later...So what is better on occasions when I am having more carbs than usual carbs with or without fat?
    Thank you so much for helping me!

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    You seem to be under the impression that fat stored in your body comes only from fat you eat, and that carbs only allow that to happen. In fact, your liver turns high carbs into fat anyway, so you shouldn't consider a low-fat, high-carb meal as ACTUALLY low in fat.

    You should always include fat, because it slows digestion, fills you up, and dulls the insulin spike.

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      Keep in mind that your body isn't going to 'store fat' unless you eat excess calories. Carbs don't automatically transfer to weight gain, and won't if you don't eat to excess. I occasionally have a high carb meal (every 4-6 weeks) because I eat low carb (20-30g) regularly, but on those days that I eat carbs, I try to keep my calorie total to a level approximately equal to what I burn daily.


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        I've often wondered about this too, but for a different reason. When you eat fat you become temporarily insulin resistant, which would mean that a large dose of carbs along with it may result in higher blood sugar and therefore insulin release. I don't know if it's significant in terms of health though.
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