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FATHEAD the Movie by Tom Naughton

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    Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
    Fathead is a great movie but the part that kind of got in the way was all the time spent refuting the other guy's movie about McDs.
    Yeah it did have some good stuff. The entire middle portion of the movie was focused. But the first one third of the movie and the ending seemed off track, like two sepparate movies jamed together. LOL as if someone got funding from McD and were required by contract to include 25min defending fast food before getting down to the real educational topic. That was a real turn off.

    Actually at the very end of the film for 30 whole seconds he included the part of the experiment where he ate high quality meat, vegi and butter, heavy cream and fruit, true paleo. It's sad everything needs to be made into goofy entertainment for people with ADHD.

    The Perfect Human Diet (The Perfect Human Diet - Welcome) actually stayed on topic, but wasn't a great piece of film making.


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      Yeah, that movie "Supersize Me" had just come out and was all the big noise so Tom Naughton spent a lot of time refuting it. I don't think he was pro fast food per se, he just took issue with the vegan nonsense in "Supersize Me".

      The Big Fat Fiasco talk doesn't get bogged down in all of that.

      Worth a watch.


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        Wow this is an old thread. For those in the U.S. who want to watch the full movie, go here: Watch Fat Head online | Free | Hulu

        Naughton also made an addendum to the movie where he talks about going paleo: Fat Head Followup - YouTube

        Fathead might be the best documentary I've ever seen. Can't recommend it enough.
        Yes, the real Dirk.