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  • What's up with this?

    Last week, we went out and I had a margarita along with dinner. That was the big indulgence, the rest of the meal was steak, broccoli and half of my husband's side salad. Since then, I've not indulged in anything different than usual, even cutting out my nightly square of dark chocolate. The problem is that I have had an intermittent cutting pain in my stomach since that night. It happens a couple of times a day, sometimes its bad enough to cause nausea, sometimes its just a pain. Never had it before the night we went out. What on earth would be causing this? The only thing I can relate it to is the drink, since the pain started right after that dinner.

    My first instinct was to fall back to the BRAT diet, but rice and toast are out, and I don't really care for bananas. So what kind of diet do you eat when you want to rest your digestive system?

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    Since that meal was a week ago, I think it's just a coincidence; I can't imagine that anything would stay in your digestive system long enough that it would still be bothering you. Pulled muscle, perhaps? Or maybe the flu.


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      Drink ginger tea and kombucha tea. :]


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        This definitely sounds like a coincidence to me, and my recommendation is after two weeks or so of not having any gastro issues just try another margarita and watch how you react to it. However, if you convince yourself it's going to make you sick before you drink it, you WILL feel like shit so just keep that in mind.

        I don't know how long you've been primal, but almost every time I've helped people get on track on the paleo/primal diet and they complain about stomach pains / nausea it's 95% of the time gas.


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          "rest you digestive system?"

          FAST for a day if you can handle it. Just drink water.

          Have you been to see your doctor?