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Pie made me sick!

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  • Pie made me sick!

    Hi - I've been doing the primal blueprint for about 6 weeks, and just had my 1st major cheat. My mother in law made an apple pie, and I had to have a bite.....then I ate the whole piece......then I ate the two 1/2 pieces my kids left. This was all 1 hour before a bootcamp workout that I have twice a week. Only about 7 minutes into the workout, I had to leave, because I felt I was going to be sick and I was lightheaded. Do you think it was the sugar/carbs, or just eating right before a workout (not too smart, I know)?

    Up until this pie, I was doing great, (95% primal) but I have noticed that on workout days, I do tend to get a little lightheaded at the end. (part of the reason I ate the pie, was I thought it might help with the lightheadedness, since I figured that was from the low carbs)

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    I'm fairly certain we can chalk this up to eating pie before a bootcamp, my good sir/sirette.


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      Yeah, I agree. Eating right before an intense workout, especially something heavy like a pie, is a recipe for vomitting.


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        To play the other side though, I think consuming that many sugar/carbs in one sitting after being pretty strict would result in feeling that way too.

        I know that if I eat too much sugar or refined carbs I get sick, and this never happened before I cut them out.
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