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IF and single malt scotch

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  • IF and single malt scotch

    OK, not the most primal question, but....

    What is the effect of a glass of single malt scotch on an intermittent fast?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    One Delta Ten Tango

  • #2'll hit ya harder than when ya aren't IFing; other than that it has enough calories to be not negligible, but I wouldn't really stress about it.
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      my brother once had some scotch (amazing stuff...single malt tripled distilled) while fasting at my wedding. he passed out in my cousin's lap.

      so, yeah...drink up, but steer clear of any nearby cousins


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        Thanks for rapid replies. I am travelling from Dallas to Alaska and often IF rather than sucumb to the airplane/airport offerings. Still, nice to have a little something to blunt the senses. I will ask anyone in my row if they are a cousin.

        If all goes as planned, and if the glass of scotch isn't considered a fatal bfeak in the IF, then this will be my first 24+ hour fast...ever, I think.


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          Not a scotch drinker.....but on my nights off I drink Maker's Mark (bourbon) on the rocks. PB has definately made me a lightweight, IF would magnify that!



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            You made me LOL. There are so many posts about coffee and cream breaking a fast, but I must say that scotch sounds like a much more exciting way to start the day.


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              Shouldn't be a problem. Dry alcohol does not disturb ketosis.


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                Originally posted by lcme View Post
                You made me LOL. There are so many posts about coffee and cream breaking a fast, but I must say that scotch sounds like a much more exciting way to start the day.
                Well, usually I do a fast from dinner to lunch the following day. Right now I am in a breakfast to breakfast fast, so he scotch is at a respectable hour. The breakfast version would of course be Huevos con Cuervo (raw egg in a shot of tequila....oft referenced, never tried by me).


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                  I say have the scotch (and not just one glass either), and see if you still care
                  having fun and not stressing is way more important then possibly breaking a fast, so enjoy it!


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                    I agree give it a shot (I'M GOOD) and see how it goes! let us know if you felt drunker or not. I had gin on my flight to Peru but then I also ate the food, I haven't been on a plane in 10 years, one misses low quality airplane food.
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                      No doubt that having single malt scotch would technically be breaking a calorie free fast, that's why I even leave out cream and honey in my coffee and have it black during my fasts. The only single malt scotch they seem to have on airplanes is Glenlivet 12 but I have been able to sneak on a 50cl mini bottle of other things (like Macallan) on an airplane.

                      Now, others (non PBers) might fast with fruit juices and the like which I would consider cheating. As much as i like scotch, it pains me to say that having it during a fast would be cheating too.

                      Still, flying is such a painful ordeal these days (unless in business or first class) that I would say the rules of fasting need to be bent. Flying is about making time go by as fast as possible (especially if the person in front of you pushes their seat back, the person next to you is huge, there is a screaming baby, you have a stressful business trip, etc.). Fasting can decelerate time. Have a scothch and get into a movie or a funny book to make time fly. A way to compensate would be to increase your fast over 24 hours by the number of scotches you drink, e.g., if you were going to fast for 24 hours but have 2 drinks, fast for 26 hours etc. You have my permission!


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                        Your body will go straight to work on processing the alcohol from the Scotch. I happen to like Scotch and once in a while I'll have one. I'm sure the one you were considering has long been drank at this point though.


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                          Yes, the scotch in question has been consumed. Actually two of them. I added 3 hours to the 24 hr fast just to be on the safe side according to JeffC (though I don't know if he gave me permission to drink less than the allotted amount). The input was contradictory as far as whether it calorically broke the fast or not. It sure did make the flight go easier. Thanks to all for interesting input!

                          One Delta Ten Tango, over and out