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    Ok, so I have been primal since mid-september. I have posted similiar threads on this forum but am getting to the point now of some well needed feedback. I am not fat. I weigh 55kg although I weighed 53.5kg when I started this journey so have put on 1 1/2 kgs. I have been told not to worry about scale weight, its your measurements that tell the true story. So I had my measurements done today and no difference whatsoever. This is really discouraging as although I am not fat I really wanted to see my bodyfat had decreased even if the scale weight had increased slightly. I am 165cm tall and about 28% bodyfat. I workout 6 days per week but have decreased the amount of effort I put in since becoming primal and trying to do more primal type workouts.

    I have no energy, my strengh has decreased at the gym and I am getting more moody than usual. It comes down to a lifestyle thing and I really wanted this to be it but surely if this is my reaction I wonder what the point its. Prior to primal I was not a big grain, pasta or legume eater, just a low fat eater.

    My aim of being primal was to free myself from being obsessive about food, live a more balanced lifestyle and drop some bodyfat, not weight and was hoping for my measurements to go down on my legs. Instead, nothing has changed other than my strength and mood and energy.

    A typical days eating for me would be:

    scrambled eggs (3) in coconut oil with some veg

    Salad with tuna or other protein with avacado, olives and some fetta

    If hungry, a small portion of nuts or yoghurt with shredded coconut

    Dinner would be some sort of veg and protein from a recipe from this site or primal cookbook

    What is going on? I just want to feel good, not worry about what I am eating but I need some energy.[SIGPIC]

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    I will be interested in the responses as I am having similar issues.


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      Seems like you're not getting enough fat.


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        your diet looks pretty good. it might be helpful to see what you are doing for exercise, and what you are drinking. also, how are you sleeping?
        you could still be experiencing carb affects people for a long time sometimes. you might also be lacking something; are you taking any supplements like vitamin d?


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          Seems like there should be plenty of fat in those foods, but it's difficult to tell for sure without some portion sizes.

          I'd be tempted to quit all nuts and dairy...that has been the key for some people.

          Have you tried entering everything into a nutrition tracker and seeing what the breakdown is?

          Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
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            I had another much playing are you doing? Are you having FUN with this? Instead of the same old workouts in the same old places, are you branching out and doing crazy new stuff...go to a climbing wall, swim, hike through a local path entirely off the trails (I did this the other day--saw everything in a whole new light!), find a playground and play on it...

            Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
            Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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              Have you tracked your food intake/macronutrients? I used Fitday my first week of Primal--and I found that if my carbs were too low, I had no energy--even though I was eating plenty of fat & protein. I aim to keep my carbs between 50-100 gm/day average. I don't count any more, but now that I have tracked, I have a pretty good idea of how many carbs I eat on a daily basis...

              Also, what is your workout? If you are working out hard and aren't getting sufficient calories, your body may not release the body fat.
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                You've got a BMI of 20 and say you have 28% boday fat. Doesn't sound right.

                And echoing the others, you haven't described your meals in enough detail if you want feedback. You must consider fat as your prime energy source and be getting enough protein for muscle repair and building, if that's what you're trying
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                  if youve had an obsessive low fat diet past...switching to primal and having an obsessive primal diet isnt going to do squat. no carb cutting, calorie cutting or work out is going to change your body the way YOU, your mind can change your body. obsessing over ANYTHING and stressing, as you say with your weight vs bodyfat vs measurement, all that creates a chronic inflammation in your brain, namely your hypothalamus, which controls everything from food to mood to thoughts in your head.

                  if you havent allowed yourself to be 'freed' from food, then weight loss is going to be a VERY hard task to accomplish.

                  nothing about primal is timed, or in amounts, or even hours or days. this is hard for people to accept. if what youre eating isnt making you feel good then why are you eating it? change it up.
                  primal is, to me, an accepatance of a 'loss' of control with food, that obsession and control. you need to allow yourself to get hungry, to eat what you want when youre hungry, to experience life AWAY from controlling food or what and how much you eat and to just live, with food as a by product to keep you going.

                  in your own mind, you know when youre overeating and you know when your restricting. if youre over or undereating it is a mental thing and for some reason you are future-tripping about some aspect of either food or weight or exercise. this needs to stop. when you stop all the mental cloudiness, you realize food will ALWAYS be there, none of us are going hungry anytime soon, so you need to shift your focus on yourself AWAY form your body and onto more important things(kids, hubby, interests, sports, crafting whatever it is).

                  im not saying i think your selfish as i of all people suffer form the mind obsession more than i would like, but it is usually the answer
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                    If I am converting properly, you are 5 ft 5 in. and weigh approximately 121 lbs. I'd say you do not need to lose any weight.

                    How did you determine that your body fat is 28%? Have you taken your measurements and have they changed?

                    Since you don't need to lose weight and lack energy I 'd suggest eating more.


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                      Yes I have taken my measurements and no they haven't changed at all. I did the % on a body fat scale which I know is not accurate but its the only way I can compare to my other measurements and it hasn't changed, at least if it had it would have gone down even if it wasn't correct.

                      I must admit I don't play that often, something I need to work on, what with 2 young boys, trying to exercise, cooking all the time and trying to do housework it does get a bit much, I just get a bit anxious if I can't fit everything in. In regards to the gym, I am trying to be more primal about it. An average week would be 2 weight all over body sessions, have changed this to more functional exercises (pullups, pushups, squats etc), a spin class which I use as my sprints day because I can't run and the other days are some sort of slow cardio. I also go with hubby and kids most nights for a 20 min walk around the lake where we live. I don't think exercise is an issue especailly when I used to be hard-core training at the gym 6 days a week, and I look at alot of people on this forum who seem to be doing crossfit or some sort of other exercise which I believe is not entirely primal but they seem to be ok.

                      Malpaz I read your blog and I love it, your head certainly is in the right place, just interested what your exercise regime is like?

                      In regards to my portion sizes I don't think I overeat, in fact since going primal they are quite controlled. I do load up my plate with salads and/or veggies at most meals. I drink at least 2 litres of water a day, take fish oil x 4 caps, vit d x 2 and a greens supplement.

                      Any more info needed. Like I said I am not trying to loose scale wieght just body fat and tone up more, plus have energy and great moods. Sleeping is the one positive I have out of this. My 2 year old still gets up in the night, but I am now sleeping better than before and my skin is better. I just need more positives to keep myself going and knowing this is the right lifestyle.

                      I know people seem to want me to track my calories but I know what I am like and I really don't want to, I want to treat this as a lifestyle and if I really knew how many calories I was having it would probably do my head in, after coming from a low fat diet. I am plodding along I just need to find the balance.


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                        It doesn't sound like you are overweight at all. I hate to be a contrarian, but why not just add a piece of fruit before your workouts. Maybe you're just not ready to go quite that low in carbs.
                        I had some low-energy days for the the first few months, and it still happens very infrequently. Also now that I'm at a really natural right-feeling body weight (185 cm, 85.5 kg) I've stopped losing weight entirely. Maybe you are at the right weight for your body type and are not realizing it / not accepting of it? I agree with others that 28% body fat does not sound possible for your height and weight. BMI 20 for an average height woman is hard to imagine as overweight. My BMI is 24 and people tell me I'm skinny.
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                          I certainly don't mean you should track calories every day. The amazing freedom I've got from primal is NOT having to do that. I just mean that maybe doing it for ONE typical day might give you some more concrete ideas of how to shift the nutrients?

                          Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
                          Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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                            so you're eating pretty ideal primal fare, lifting a couple days a week, spinning for sprints, and talking walks with your kids and're sleeping better and have better skin...

                            i think you may, in fact, be the envy of some of the people on here. i think tfarney gave some terrific advice: add some fruit. if you're not wild about fruit, try some sweet potato. adding a few carbs might really help with that sluggishness. once you get that in order, i'll bet everything else will start falling into place.

                            are you comfortable enough to send us a picture of yourself? i agree that 28% bf sounds high.


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                              i know you know that those scales with BF measurements are crap. Mine tells me my body fat is 22%. sounds good, and for the most part I'm not carrying a lot anyway... however I have absolutely no weight on my bum and legs.. maybe that is where you carry yours and so you are now focussed on that 28%. 55kg sounds fine, that's the same weight as me and I'm a bit shorter. Cut the workouts I reckon, you've probably got high cortisol from stressing out or something.