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  • "Bulking and Cutting C y c l e s"

    Does this have any real basis or is it just CW? I'm hoping to get into fitness modeling/figure competition and am wondering if this is just a myth?
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    Bulking/Cutting is not a CW myth, that being said however the way most SAD eaters go about the bulking portion really hinders them. There is a great T-nation article on this exact topic....let me see if I can find it for ya.
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      yeah I was "bulking" when I lifted in HS. This meant I was eating whatever I wanted (heavy oatmeal consumption, I ate oatmeal mixed with Basic 4 cereal and chocolate milk twice a day on average) tons of bread, rice, meats, etc. Lifting about 3x a week mostly isolation work and not ever doing anything remotely closed to cardio. The result was added mass for sure, but also added fat that even now I’m still taking off. It’s way too easy to do a sloppy bulk, I think a slow and clean primal bulk is the best way to go. You shouldn’t have too much excess fat to deal with at the end.
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        im bulking at the moment and finding it great.
        Im eating more veggies and meat on training days..highish carb...
        then low carb and high fat on rest days..
        have to find out what works for you really..


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          When it comes to the majority of bodybuilders, fitness models, etc., the bulk/cut cycles are definitely not CW. To build muscle and burn fat at the same time is a long, very slow process. Thus, typically it becomes easier to focus on one such goal at a time. First, the bulking cycle builds muscle (and, yes, includes fat gain too depending on the quantity and quality of food eaten)... but then that extra muscle aids in calorie burning when transitioning to a cutting cycle.

          If it's a route you want to take, by all means do so. It's arguably a quicker process than a building process like iniQuity is espousing. Usually a bulk phase is longer than a cut phase from what I remember (by several weeks/months), but I may be recalling poorly.
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            I'm with iniQuity on the bulking thing. Given the lack of willingness to take roids full on bulking with the intention of cutting later can be a self defeating endless cycle. Cutting off off a lot of fat weight, especially quickly, will require major calorie deficits and end up costing most of the gains that one just made in a bulking cycle. I work on making strength gains without adding on a lot of fat. To do it, you'll need to keep your protein high and then find the balance of fat and carbs that work for you.


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              Leangains. Nuff said.
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                My take is this. There is a certain CW regarding bulk/cut cycle for competition. Bulking on whatever food you can stuff in your face for a certain time frame then cutting with plain oatmeal, egg whites and talapia fish until comp date with the help of certain chemicals seems to be the CW.

                There are "alternative" ways of achieving the same results like UD2, Lean Gains, etc. They consist of the same principle of overfeeding then calorie restriction but in shorter perhaps weekly or daily cycles.

                So yes it is kinda CW but like not running with scissors CW.
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                  Originally posted by Primal Fist View Post
                  Leangains. Nuff said.
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                    Depending on the time-frame you have for getting contest ready, you may have to consider a bulk followed by a cut.

                    If you aren't carrying enough muscle for the federation or category you are competing in, you may need to bulk. Generally speaking, outside of those new to weight training or concerted efforts at muscle gain, muscle gain in women happens at a rate of about 1/2-1lb of muscle gain per week. That doesn't require a HUGE surplus as is sometimes recommended, but it does require a surplus and a training program specific to the goal of increasing muscle mass.

                    Once you've gained mass(which comes along with some fat gain), you generally need to "cut" to achieve the appropriate level of leanness for your category and federation. Your diet and training should be designed so that you lose fat but are able to retain the muscle mass you built.

                    The slower approach to simultaneously increasing mass while reducing bodyfat does work and is appropriate for general trainee, but since gains are slower and since generally one doesn't achieve "contest level leanness", if you need to gain mass and then diet down for your show, you may have to consider a bulk/cut cycle.


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                      Originally posted by Adventure8410 View Post
                      Bulking/Cutting is not a CW myth, that being said however the way most SAD eaters go about the bulking portion really hinders them. There is a great T-nation article on this exact topic....let me see if I can find it for ya.
                      The article you are looking for is called "The Truth about bulking" and I think its by Thib.
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