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Cold water in the morning?

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  • Cold water in the morning?

    Is it bad to drink _cold_ water right in the morning on an empty stomach? That's my habit before I drink my coffee but I have noticed I actually feel slightly ill for a moment right after drinking. I tried to google a bit but couldn't find much interesting, some just say it's a shock to your body.

    Does anyone else have similar symptoms?

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    If it makes you feel ill, why do you do it?

    I've learned that if I drink green tea on an empty stomach, it makes me extremely nauseous. As long as I've had a coffee/black tea with milk in first, or something to eat, I can then stomach green tea happily. So I just make sure that's what I do.

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      Yeah I probably won't do it but my point was more like why would it cause illness and is it even normal for healthy inviduals?


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        I used to find that drinking water sometimes made me nosh--I never fully figured it all out, but I think it was the extreme coldness of it, and how quickly I drank it. It kind of makes sense, since my sister told me if you felt ill and wanted to induce vomiting you should just chug cold water. It always worked for me, so maybe you're just drinking your cold water too quickly?

        I don't know!


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          If you think about it, many primitive cultures lived in areas where it got really cold at night so when they woke up to get something to drink all the water would be very cold/frozen. I also find that after drinking a glass of cold water in the morning I feel weird but if I drink it slowly or have warm water I feel fine. As for why you feel nauseous, it makes sense that it may just be your stomach being "shocked" awake, I can't imagine you'd be too happy if someone dumped a glass of cold water on you first thing in the morning either, think what your stomachs going through!
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            I have heard this as a weight cutting technique by wrestlers and MMA types before. It can make you sick, but it won't hurt you. It makes me start "flushing the system" personally. I found this out during a fast.
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