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  • Kind Bars

    Anyone have any experience... yay's or nay's about them?

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    Just from glancing at the ingredients in a couple of them, I noticed puffed rice and soy products, so definitely not primal. If you want a yummy treat while sticking to primal, you'd be better off with Lara bars, which are nothing but nuts and dried fruit.


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      I would just mix up some unsweetened dried fruit and raw nuts in a baggie and eat that, the Kind bars use straight glucose and glycerol to bind the bars together, and other bars use a ton of date paste and/or honey. Keeping in mind of course that dried fruit and nuts are a very calorie-dense snack if you don't watch your portions.
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        Thanks, I figured they tasted too good right off the bat. Not that I'm complaining about the lack of taste... I'll shut up. Thanks for the info though.


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          there are kind bars without the rice...the almond and cashew one and also the one that is only composed of nuts/date. i like them better than larabars because they are lower in carbs. more like 16-19g instead of nearly 30g with larabars. just don't buy the ones with the rice or soy bits