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Nauseous feeling after not eating for a length of time?

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  • Nauseous feeling after not eating for a length of time?

    This happens to me every so often. For example, I've been up since 4am (went to bed at 1am) and a few minutes ago I felt really crappy, like my stomach wanted to empty itself. Oddly enough, I was checking out a video of Zumba when it came over me.

    I haven't eaten anything unusual for dinner and didn't have a snack after dinner (was happily full on steak, bbq'd zucchini and red pepper...mmm). I've had this same ill feeling after waking up in the morning before, too. Anyone have an explanation for what causes this feeling?

    Edit: The feeling goes away within a couple of minutes and then I'm fine. So weird!!
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    So you're on 3 hrs sleep, and wondering why you're feeling crappy???

    Dammit people, sleep is very low carb. Moar vitamin zzzz!


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      Haha...nooooo, it doesn't just happen when I get few zzzs, it happens randomly. I was just setting the scene lol
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        Zumba allergy? I got motion sick the other night watching Cloverfield with its jumpy video style. I guess you get this feeling when you're not watching video though Ditto on the sleep thing though - poss fleeting low blood sugar?
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          My first Zumba experience, so you may be on to something! LOL

          I did have a couple of rum n' cokes last night (at home)...though this fleeting nausea has occurred after not drinking alcohol as well. I used to randomly experience it in the morning as I was getting ready for work or school (maybe cause I dreaded going? lol).
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            In the book Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival, the author talks about how sleep is necessary for the flora in your gut. So when you're sleep deprived (the author says 9.5 hours or more per night are necessary) you're actually making yourself ill because you're stressing out your flora/immune system. This book is fascinating. I didn't so much as read it as...devour it. haha

            The author convincingly makes the case that sleep is more important than just about anything else in life.


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              I find that fatigue and dehydration make me feel nauseous.


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                Thanks for all the replies. I really value sleep (I really despise having to be woken up by an alarm), though I certainly don't get 9.5 hours a day - that seems like a lot! I've had a couple of crappy sleeps this week so maybe that's been a contributing factor. Next time it happens I'll try to see if there's a similar pattern.
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                  I get that sometimes too, I usually associate it with low blood sugar.

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                    I get this on a rare occasion, for me usually it is when I have been eating too many carbs for a few days or week and then cut back. I seem to get hypoglycemia symptoms fairly easy if I increase my carbs, and nausea is not a usual one for me, but there are rare times it kicks in for me. If I stick to my low carb guns for a few days it usually fades, I just have to eaten often for the transition.
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                      It happens to my youngest....except she throws up.

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                        I'm a very routine meal eater/planner (6 meals/day) and just being late on a meal by more than about 30-45 minutes almost always causes some stomach issues (usually bloated feeling - oddly enough)!


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                          I get like this when I don't have enough sleep too, especially waking up really really early, I think I am just not an early bird, today I had to get up at 6:30 and I am feeling that same feeling. Normaly I am up around 8am with the kids.
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                            Oh yes... I remember that. Waking in the morning, feeling revolting, rolling onto my side until it goes away, and then getting up and heading straight for the breakfast oats quick, before it comes back. And the fear of getting too hungry during the day in case I felt sick, because once it got to that point eating would only make me feel more ill.

                            All gone since going Primal. JimFreak, I bet this will change for you too.


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                              I've spent most of my life with daily vague nausea. I just got used to it over time. I could skip one meal, but if I waited until the next (so, eat breakfast, skip lunch, and when dinnertime rolls around...), I would get so naueasted I couldn't eat (not fun). I always woke up sick, and it was worse the earlier I awoke.
                              Basically, I was nauseated a lot, and had several triggers, most of them related to lower blood sugar or lack of sleep. These things have gotten unbelievably better since I've gone primal. I still get motion sickness and pain-related nausea. I also still get sick if I wake up early (or with little sleep), though I don't do that often, so it's been a few months.

                              All this to say - there could be more than one minor cause adding up to some nausea. The food the night before, the early hour, the lack of sleep and the motion sickening movie.
                              Also - being Primal rocks! I'm sick so less often, it's fabulous.