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2 questions : carb refeeds and fasted weight training

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  • 2 questions : carb refeeds and fasted weight training

    I've been looking at some of Mark's old posts to figure out the best way for me to build some muscle and lose my stubborn fat over the next few weeks.
    Anyway i came across Mark's carb re-feeding post, which made sense. However, i've also read about the dangers of someone on a low carb diet (which mine is) suddenly ingesting a bunch of carbs at once (eg, see ). Basically when you're not carb adapted, the carbs have a much worse effect on you than someone who is. Can anyone shed more light on this? Would a weekly carb refeed be safe/sensible in light of this?

    Secondly, in Marks fasting weight training post, he recommends to either fast BEFORE weight training and eat after (within 30-60 mins) or eat before, and fast after, but NOT fasting before AND after. However, if someone were to fast before weight training, and then eats a primal protein rich meal after, it wouldn't be digested for a couple of hours, so wouldn't one miss the 30-60 min window?


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    re: refeeds, check out "A Guide to Flexible Dieting" by Lyle McDonald. It has all the info on refeeds that you need.
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      i usually keep my carbs at or below 75g on a daily basis, but once in a while--for a race or a long hike--i'll do a little carb refeed and it doesn't affect me at all. sitting down to eat a pan of lasagna might cause you some problems, but a couple of sweet potatoes every now and then shouldn't be that bad.

      on fasting, i find it better to fast before a workout. i fast every day, with a 5-6 hour eating window that starts pretty much right after my last rep. food is a great reward for a good workout, and training in a fasted state gives me more energy and, it seems, more effective workouts