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Individual differences in body fat metabolism

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  • Individual differences in body fat metabolism

    Oh wow has it beem forever since I last posted here!

    I am a big fan of the science of epigenetics; it is evident against the idea of genetic determinism that is used as a scapegoat to blame the current obesity epidemic.

    Now I have been wondering for quite some time whether it is plausie to conclude that some people, even on a paleo/primal diet and lifestyle cannot become as lean as people like Mark or Martin. Just like there are between person variability in personality facets, there is between person variability in body composition.

    What do I mean? I speak from a personal observation over the last few months, with strict low carb consumption, no huge overindulgence in eating, and regular weightlifting. Although I have experienced tremendous strength improvement lately, there is no "slim" look that is that wanted byproduct.

    Is it safe to conclude that perhaps some people, like myself perhaps, simply cannot be as lean as others because their bodies have stabilized with some fat leftover? On the other hand, some of that flab may be some skin too but for the purposes of a good debate, we can assume otherwise.

    What do yo guys think?
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    I think you're right.

    Just like some people naturally have more muscle than others, some get "ripped" if they do certain things, and others don't.

    I notice when looking at photos of aboriginal people in excellent condition that their superb muscles are not defined like the bodybuiders work for. And they look just fine.

    Carrying some fat is normal. Getting rid of it for cosmetic reasons is harder for some people than for others. One also wonders why they want to do this.


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      I really like the concept of following a Paleolithic approach but combining foods that fit with your metabolic/genotype. I've had the most success in this fashion. Also addressing current issues in one's organism like candida and biotoxin removal bring on a whole new playing field..