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How much fat is enough?

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  • How much fat is enough?

    I am brand new to Primal, but feel pretty on board. I am coming from a very regimented bodybuilding type eating style where I consumed lots of grains and very specific measurements of everything else at specific times. I have always been fit, healthy and love the way my body is now (very muscular)... the only reason I am giving this a shot is because I really think there is a lot of validity in the arguement against grains and how harmful they can be. I just don't know how to completely swing the other way with no plan without sacrificing my muscles. I know WHAT to eat, I think, but how much? Coming from a very regimented VERY LOW FAT diet, I don't know how much fat to introduce. I don't know how to do this without measuring or getting caught up in the quantities. Any recommendations? How do you start adding fat when you have always avoided it? Thanks!

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    Try adding 2 slices of bacon to your breakfast. I think that's a good start. Then slowly increase so you have some fat at each meal.

    Some folks add coconut oil, say a teaspoon, to their morning coffee. Something to try.

    Another thing to try is to ask your butcher for meat cuts that have NOT been trimmed.

    Personally I don't think you need to be too strict about counting grams of fat. Just start slowly and see how your body reacts.

    As they say, YMMV.


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      Being a lifter I would say to focus on getting plenty of protein and let the carbs and fat work themselves out. Sweet potatoes are probably your best bet for keeping the carbs up and if your glycogen levels decrease from fasting and or eating very low carb you will notice it in the size of your muscles. It really doesn't effect strength much, but I can tell when I do a major re-feed.
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        THIS amount of FAT is Just Right !



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          Hmm, how about this, think about meals that you like to eat, now remove the grains/legumes, etc and also think about something fatty you would NOT have previously paired with that (but maybe really wanted to! like butter, olive oil, coconut oil, bacon, etc) because you were trying to eat low fat and go ahead and eat it?

          For instance, prior to finding this place I RARELY ate hamburgers because I thought ground beef was one of the most evil things you could eat since it's very fatty, and I specifically recall arguing with a member here who told me to eat ground beef with some onions and tomatoes and to STFU about it and get over my fat fear. I would recommend the same, start to slowly eat foods (REAL--WHOLE FOODS, obviously) that you would have previously turned away from.

          Does that help?

          If not, just start adding some butter to your veggies, start cooking with coconut oil, start eating avocados, eat bacon, etc etc. Don't over do it, a lot of people over do it and then wonder why they're gaining or not losing weight. If your objective is to maintain your current physique then slowly add some fat and see how it all goes. Like Daemonized said, eat your sweet potatoes for carbs, especially post workout.
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            Ok....that really helps! I have also been reading the Primal for Athletes and keeping the sweet potatoe in the diet for the two meals post workout. Introducing it slowly by adding fat to cooking it is probably my best bet. Then, like you, I need to get over my fear of eating something like a burger! My last addiction would be sweeteners....where do they fall in? For someone who drinks coffee, do I need to stick with table sugar (if that at all) or is stevia ok? Same question with the creamer really....I assume that real cream is the better option than powdered. Thanks for your help everyone!


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              If you need a sweetener then I would got with stevia. You could also use coconut milk as a creamer too if you wanted to. Powdered non-dairy creams aren't a good thing.


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                I find if a put a bit of real cream and some coconut milk in my coffee I don't need any sweetener.

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