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  • Meal prior to working out

    Hi Everyone,

    I am wondering if there is a particular type of food that is great for eating before working out. But more specifically, I am a ballet dancer. I do ballet up to 3 hours at a time, and since ballet requires a lot of foot work, I tend to get cramps in my feet and calves sometimes. Also 3 hours is a good amount of time to go without eating considering I don't eat for an hour before ballet or I feel disgusting.
    Also, I know. Bananas for the potassium. But I haaate bananas.
    Any advice?

    Thank you, and hope you are are having a lovely day.


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    How 'bout sweet potatoes?
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      Yeah, I like those. Thanks, I'll try that. I just worry about the high carbohydrate content.


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        don't worry about high carb load if you're going to be physically active for three hours. I hate bananas too. eat sweet potatoes. and stop capitalizing after periods. it makes you look pretentious. see how non pretentious i look. seriously.
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          I've always associated cramping during physical activity to "dehydration" or at least, not drinking enough water.


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            If you are following the PB, then you should worry about carbs only if you are sedentary.
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              I like to have a spoonful of coconut cream concentrate as a pre-workout snack, if I'm hungry but don't want a full stomach.
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                Sweet potatoes or yam with butter is damn good meal for me.


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                  You need more magnesium for the cramps...Works like a charm. Here's a great article from LEF..