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Seem to be getting softer in the stomach

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  • Seem to be getting softer in the stomach

    So for the past month or so, ive been completely primal/paleo. No bread, grains, pasta or anything like that. I eat only meats, fruits, veggies, and nuts. Im not sure if this is related to diet change or anything, but i seem to be losing definition in my abs, and hitting a plateau in fat loss. My carbs usually consist of a cup of berries for breakfast, veggies with lunch and dinner, and the occasional sweet potatoe. Everything else is protein and fats. i workout hard and intense. but i cant seem to break this stubborn fat around my abdomen. Does anyone have any ideas to spur this fat loss? im not sure if my metabolism has stalled out or what.

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    Hi there,
    Wow, I looked at this right away because I just posted a couple hours before you (at 6.34pm-it is the one that says "I'm new, post p90x...") about how I seem to be losing definition in the last 10 days or so on the diet. For me, it's not just in my stomach, but in my legs as well. I have a few ideas of why it could be happening, I posted my history.

    I've had dozens of views, no one has replied yet...

    Are you saying you seem to have gained weight around your abdomen? When you say "losing definition", and then go on to say you can't seem to break the fat around your abdomen, I just wondered...What about the rest of your body? Losing fat? More defintion?

    I've searched the blog posts, and I've searched the forums, and cannot find anyone who complains of muscle "loss" on this diet. It's been frustrating. Thought I'd try the forums before I wrote to Mark. There are tons of posts addressing how to gain muscle weight, how to lose fat, etc...Of course, people who are really overweight or obese are bound to lose some muscle along with fat loss...hence no complaints. But I just need to bring down my fat percentage and protect what little muscle I have..So I'm confused.

    I'll be keeping tabs on your post too to see what people have to say. In the meantime, if you've found anything about muscle loss on the primal diet, could you let me know?

    Take care


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      And on the flip side, I didn't start this to lose weight, but in the last 3 weeks, although I have not been able to workout at all due to a medical condition, I have been losing fat. My waist went from 34 to 33 although my weight is the same.


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        If you eat too much of anything, even fat, you will likely gain weight.


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          Sometimes as you lose fat the skin that is over where the fat is gets soft and jiggly because it is deflated from teh fat not keeping it plumped out. Could this be happening with you?

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            Losing muscle in a deficit is pretty much a given. Weight training can help, a lot.
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              Hi PrimalMouse, maybe you an be more specific, like post an average day's meal, and what workout you are doing, and how often. Your height and weight might also help.
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                Maybe too much stress or other lifestyle factors out of whack.
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                  When eating high-carb, your muscle glycogen is almost always topped off. When you switch to low carb, your muscle glycogen (and the water stored with it) can deplete quickly, making your muscles appear flatter. This is also why many people lose a few pounds really rapidly when starting a low carb diet.


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                    Perhaps your cortisol levels are high due to overtraining, stress or/and other certain lifestyle issues. What is your current fat percentage, age, weight and daily diet in general??


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                      Originally posted by NutMeg View Post
                      Sometimes as you lose fat the skin that is over where the fat is gets soft and jiggly because it is deflated from teh fat not keeping it plumped out. Could this be happening with you?
                      I think I'm starting to get a bit of this.


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                        You also mention nuts. Nuts are very calorie dense and cutting them out and or replacing them with something less calorie dense could help you as well.