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I'm New, Post P90X. Please help, looking flabby andI'm worried that I'm losing muscle

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  • I'm New, Post P90X. Please help, looking flabby andI'm worried that I'm losing muscle

    Hi Everyone!
    I'm really hoping that someone can help me,stumbling across this site has been a Godsend in that I've figured out how to finally get off the carb roller coaster- and I've tossed off the monkey on my back that kept wanting to kill someone when I got hungry (which was every 2-3 hours)

    I started P90X in July. I did the program, and the nutrition, very strictly. So I was one of those carry my meals everywhere, have to eat every 2-3 hours no matter what people. In addition, I'd force myself to eat no matter what cuz hey, gotta get those calories to build muscle which sheds fat, right?

    Well, after 60 days, I had lost 4% fat as measured in a BODPOD, and added 6 pounds muscle. I had great results. By 90 days, I was done emotionally but had 30+ more days to go (I extended my program so I would have finished in 127 days). 60-90 minutes, 6 days a week exercise plus all those meals (planning, cooking, shopping, packing everywhere) was a part time job and then some. Worse, carbs are basically like crack to me. I could not stop craving sugar and carbs. I was constantly whiteknuckling it.

    Somehow, I stumbled on this site. Praise GOD is all I can say. The monkey on my back is gone and I feel brand new. Well...sort of.

    The last 10 days I've gone primal. About 60% fat. Around 50 grams carbs. 1 pound per lean body weight of protein. I've been making it work.

    What I realized right away is that the P90X workouts weren't going to happen. So I shortened the weight workouts last week to fit under 30 minutes. I did Plyo for 30 minutes for the high intensity workout. And I went on hour long walks.

    For all of last week I thought I was going to die...Course, I knew I'd get thru what was called "carb-flu".

    Here's the thing...My pants have gotten looser, and the scale has gone down only 2 pounds. But I feel flabbier! I've lost some definition.

    1. Since I went off carbs, obviously I lost water from my muscles. Could this account for the less definition? In other words, my muscles are a bit deflated, which makes them pop out less??

    2. Now, I could be 130 pounds and 20% fat which would take enormous effort for me to maintain a la P90X. Or I could be 115 pounds and 20% bodyfat (or lower), in which case, I have to accept that I may lose muscle weight. With fat loss to accompany eventually. True??

    I guess what I'm saying is...If I stick with this eating plan, will I lose fat so that the definition comes out again? Any other ideas on what else could account for my seemingly flabbier appearance and feel, particularly in my trouble spots-thighs and love handles?

    Another question-

    I was eating around 1700-1800 cals while doing conventional plan (40% carbs)/ and P90x.

    Now I've lost my appetite and I'm struggling to get 1500 calories. If I left things to my appetite, I'd barely get 1000 I bet. But since I'm terrified of losing muscle, I'm forcing myself to eat enough calories.

    Can anyone out there relate to what I'm talking about? Should I just accept muscle loss knowing that over time, everything will balance out such that i just weigh less overall, with a healthy/lean body fat percentage?

    Thanks in advance ya'll. Here are stats/useful info

    I eat no junk or processed food. All cals/carbs are whole foods and veggies.

    I'm 39, Female
    5'7", 129 pounds as of now
    Was 30% body fat when I started P90X in July (was a size 2 though-can you say skinny fat?)
    Around 25% now. Was 26% at day 60 but not much change since then I don't think.

    I am going to start Primal fitness plan tomorrow instead of the modification I was working with last week.

    THank you!!

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    I can relate. I went through this same thing too and just recently. I was low carb for years and doing well, same height as you, same weight and same size. Then a cross country move with 4 dogs and 2 five year olds jilted me out of it. I was eating high carb during the 4 day trip but once we landed in the new house, I was back to my usual low carb except was eating more fruit than I ever had because it was so hot here, it tasted good. Was too hot to eat much else. The flab started haunting me. I was also pushing to get 1000 cal a day, hardly enough to keep my lean body mass.

    I too then started with P90x and somehow let them convince me that to get through it, I had to eat grains and carbs. I only did that for a week because I was so ill from the grains coupled with the fact that they made me want more and more even despite how ill they were making me.

    Then I found primal through searching and reading low carb stuff. After a week of being back to high fat and protein my appetite was again crushed and I found myself not eating enough and feeling flabbier. I wasn't in it for weight loss. I wanted to lose body fat.

    I already knew that I wasn't eating enough calories but reading Batty's journal really let that sink in. She talks about when she lowered her calories to 1000-1200 a day and the result that had on her lean body mass. I didn't do it intentionally, primal eating just killed my appetite. I think many go through this. Also the snacking.

    So I started tracking my intake again and getting calories back in the 1800 range. It was hard at first but after a week, I was doing it. I killed the snacks completely and just ate bigger meals. I substituted my tilapia for salmon for starters. If I ate lean cuts of meat like chicken breast, they were smeared with avacado etc.

    My advice is that you need to get your calories back up there. Read "Batty's Hands off my bacon journal" for more insight to that and
    get a cooking lesson too. Seriously, she is an amazing cook. She is a lean machine.

    I also came across some information that talked about what they call a whoosh, although not scientifically proven. Basically that when you burn fat your fat cells will temporarily fill with water until your body feels ready to let go of it. This can result in a flabby feeling until that happens. Seems to correlate with what I experienced.

    I am sure others will chime in.


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      I think you need to eat a little more and cut out some of that cardio. I've never had any luck myself with high cardio (I think P90X is more cardio than anything due to high repetitions) and do not gain muscle at all in that sort of cycle. I think Marks PB fitness approach is a very good approach.


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        Hey Friends,
        Thanks so much!
        Moo-Good to know someone out there understands. I started reading Batty's journal. You weren't kidding! What inspiration! Thank you so much! I've already been in contact with her too. I'm on page 123 of her journal now-I will read it all!

        Gator-yeah, I cut out the cardio. I've only just begun the primal thing and cut out the P90X, so it's not that...I think I just need to adjust. Per Moo's advice reading Batty's journal, I did find inspiration, and realized I need to just chill out and give it some time. Meanwhile, I'll try to get my appetite in line

        Grok On!