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My Biggest Learned Lesson: Lighten Up!!!

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  • My Biggest Learned Lesson: Lighten Up!!!

    Before I start this, I just want to say I know everyone will not agree with this, but I'm finally finding the happy medium that's working for me. Saying that...

    I've been paleo/primal for almost three years now. I adhere to it pretty strictly and consume exactly the right amount of carbs and proteins and fats comprised of good, healthy meats and vegetables and paleo approved fruits. I might throw in some dark chocolate or things of that nature, but overall I really watch my diet and examine -everything- I put in my body.

    When I go grocery shopping and I see a new sausage, bacon, aged cheese, or anything else I will spend minutes scrutinizing it or studying the label. I will take my phone out and google for information on the product to make sure it is something I want to put in my body. A few weeks ago I went to buy coconut milk and they were out of my brand and I had to buy a brand that contained preservatives. I spent almost 10 minutes in that aisle on my phone looking up those preservatives before I could convince myself to buy that coconut milk and in the end I couldn't even bring myself to drink it.

    I make trips across town for different items. I stop at Walmart to get canned/dry goods then go to publix to get meats and vegetables and then winn-dixie for their hormone/antibiotic free grassfed sausage. Shopping takes me all day because I have to go to so many different places to make sure my diet is as optimized and perfect as possible.

    Having said all this: I have been starting to hate my lifestyle. I hate going shopping and having to do all these things. I am tired of feeling guilty if I consume something that is not 100% paleo or primal. I hate not buying sausage because the last ingredient on the list is dextrose and it contains <1 gram of sugar. I hate that I can't have my morning coconut milk because this brand has potassium metibisulfate instead of guar gum. I hate that so much of money goes into grass fed meats or special chickens and their special eggs.

    That's why for the past month I have been lightening up. I eat moderate carb (70-110), high fat and moderate protein. I get these nutrients from meats vegetables and fruits and nuts/butter. I try my best to limit my intake of nasty ingredients. If I am doing all of these things, then what is the point of stressing myself out every week trying to be as perfect as possible? What is the point of making myself so unhappy so that I can live a 100% healthy lifestyle and never enjoy myself when I eat something that is not a perfect food?

    I honestly look at myself and wonder just how healthy it is to spend so much time worrying and obsessing over nutrition when just by doing what I am is already so good for me? The past month I have felt better, happier, and more joyful now that I am forcing myself to stop worrying about being a primal paragon.

    Does that mean I'm eating corn, canola oil, and flour? No, I am still absolutely paleo and primal. But what I have done is learned to be a human being and stop trying to be a perfect primal robot. Life is so much better now. I know there are so many paleo/primal people who will want to lynch me for feeling this way, but my life is so much more enjoyable now that I really don't care. I'm still healthy as hell and eat healthy as hell, I'm just making changes to make my lifestyle sustainable.

    I just wanted to get that off my chest, so take from it what you will.

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    My whole life, I've felt like an animal......but I've ignored my instincts. I ignored what I really am. That will never happen again.

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      Riv - words of wisdom. Thanks. So True.

      Like you pointed out; you are already so far ahead of where you came from. Its like running a 4:10 mile and then kicking yourself because you can't bring yourself to train to go sub-4.

      Dude you are a primal champion already. Now its time to relax and enjoyed the continued benefits. You know : gorgeous women, movie contracts, international fame and fortune ...
      Never eat anything bigger than your own head.


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        I guess I was naive enough to think that nobody could ever be so consumed with this lifestyle. I'm very chill in my approach to it. Glad you're spending more time on you.
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          Wonderful post. I find myself doing a lot of the same.

          I'm glad you've found a healthier perspective.


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            Coconut milk? Why not just have the whole fat cream then you wont feel guilty!


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              Well said. Happiness and health go hand in hand. Now you are achieving both. Sets an example for the rest of us.
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                Good for you Rivvin. Life is seriously better when in relaxed mode. I am glad you have taken this stress out of your daily life.

                I know all about it and found times I was running around all day long. I live in FL too and shop the same places you do plus a whole foods trip. I stock up on everything now. I only have time to go to whole foods every other week because it is 25 minutes away. I do rely heavily on making a few weekly trips to the organic farmer's market but I find this enjoyable and relaxing. I still don't buy a lot of anything that has an ingredient list. Keeps my research down.


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                  I don't get that consumed, but I could see how it would be possible. I eat some white rice, cause I get sick of sweet potatoes and potatoes to keep my starch up. I drink green tea when I do this though. Also, nothing I buy has an ingredient list save for curry powder, so it's not something I have to worry about.


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                    The Primal Blueprint = more simple, more joy, more play.
                    Not just about the food.

                    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                      Excellent post, and very timely for me. You know it's bad when I wake up at night and the thoughts running through my mind are about primal/paleo/PaNu food plans. I've been struggling lately trying to decide exactly what "path" to follow, and realized that some things are non-negotiable (lowering PUFAs, no gluten) and others are what I can sustain long term.

                      As TigerLily said:
                      The Primal Blueprint = more simple, more joy, more play.
                      Not just about the food.
                      I think there are too many others caught in this same cycle. Maybe we should have a "over-zealous" support group.
                      Thanks for your honesty.
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                        I'm more or less a lurker here, but am creeping out from under my rock to say: thank you for this post.
                        Life consists with wildness. The most alive is the wildest. (Thoreau)


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                          Welcome to my world. I learned this lesson in a completely different environment, but it's how I live my life with everything from relationships to what I eat, when I am alone at home or surrounded by people at work.

                          There's a big difference between remorse and guilt. Guilt involves fear and, really, fear should be limited to big things like being attacked or being caught in a burning building, you know? Remorse just means that an experience taught you a lesson and you will make a different choice next time. Everytime I hear people say they were "bad" because they ate (fill in the blank), I want to slap them upside the head. Robbing banks is bad; eating something that you know is not especially good for you is not.

                          This way of thinking is going to permeate other choices of yours, besides what you put in your mouth. It's a good thing.

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                              Originally posted by Rivvin View Post
                              Having said all this: I have been starting to hate my lifestyle. I hate going shopping and having to do all these things. .
                              I can imagine! Sounds exhausting and.....not so healthy on multiple levels. I'm glad you've found a better balance for yourself.


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