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Heavy whipping cream made my knees weak

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  • Heavy whipping cream made my knees weak

    Day 4 of PB and I'm feeling really well. No more evening binge sessions which is a wonderful thing! It has been so nice to simply relax about food. Only day 4 so I should probably temper my giddy feelings, but wow it sure feels good so far.

    So I saw heavy whipping cream in the grocery store yesterday and I bought a half-pint. Really didn't have any plans for it so I just stuck it in the fridge. Later I decided to have a sip to see what it tastes like. Holy freakin' crap that is some tasty stuff! I've avoided fat for so long I forgot just how good it tastes.

    I ended up knocking back the entire half-pint over the next 24 hours, which I realize is probably not wise on a regular basis. Sure was good in the smoothie I fixed last night.

    Took the last few ounces and whipped it up with my immersion blender and ate every molecule of it right out of the bowl. Note to self: Don't buy heavy whipping cream every week.
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    It's the only way I like my coffee now. Half and half or milk just won't cut it anymore. Once you've had the real thing it's hard to go back.
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      Yep. I have to restrain myself not to drink a whole pint. Hehe.
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        Resistance is futile. I have one pint every morning...


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          Mmmm, cream. That and coconut milk straight from the can.

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