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  • I need advice. :(

    Ok, here is a bit of history. I've had Hashimotos for about five years and have had so many problems getting it regulated. About a year ago, I saw a Naturopath due to the fact my health was just getting worse, and my hair was starting to slowly fall out- I just felt like crap all of the time. He told me to immediately get off gluten/grains, sugar, milk and anything with yeast. My husband had been trying Primal and urged me to try it with him- so I decided I had nothing to lose. I have lost 37 lbs., and my thyroid was normal at my last testing. Before starting primal, my hair loss was getting worse, and then after Primal, it started getting better for a time. On Primal, I finally felt like a normal person- it was an amazing feeling- I was in great shape.

    Something seems to have shifted for me in the last few months, and my hair loss has gotten so much worse and I haven't been feeling as good either. It's thinning and dry all over, but seems to be similar to Male Pattern Baldness. ( Earlier this year I did a test to find any food allergies/intolerance's I might have, and I had many! So I avoid those foods as much as I possibly can) My estrogen/progesterone/ testosterone/thyroid tests have all come back in normal ranges. My doctor had me take a Nutrional Deficiency/Evaluation blood test because she just couldn't understand what was causing my problems. The Nutritional test revealed I had an infection- Bacterial Dysbiosis- which we dealt with with antibiotics for two weeks. I was low in Folic Acid, Vitamin C, CoQ10, and my Omega 3/6 ratios were way off- too much 6. I had high levels off Ammonia in my system, and I'm having a protein malabsorption problem which is partially due to the bacterial infection and vitamin/mineral deficiencies. So she figures the protein issue is mostly what's causing my hair loss. If this keeps up, I'm going to need a wig before long. It's a blessing that I started out with super thick hair, or I'd be in trouble. I've been trying Chia seeds for my Omega 3's as I have an allergy to fish, and feel miserable when I take fish oils- I've tried different types/brands. I have a sensitivity to flax, so that won't work for me either. We try to eat as healthy as we can (absolutely no grains, little sugar, no dairy), and we try to do organic as much as we can afford, but meat is where the problem is. We don't have a Whole Foods, or Trader Joe's near here, so we will be saving to buy 1/2 a grass-fed cow from someone locally. We live in a small town kind in the middle of nowhere and it's hard to find quality food, not to mention with three kids, it's too much for our budget. I'm sure my meat is where so many of my Omega 6 problems are coming from and due to so many food sensitivities I'm at a loss as to what direction to take. I've started cutting back on the amount of meat I'm eating (due to the protein issues), and increased my veggies, but I just don't feel good and my hair loss continues. Does anyone have any ideas for me diet wise for my Omega 3 sources- or just plain advice on my situation. I love Primal and want to get back to feeling like I first did. Oh, and I also eat plenty of good fats- lot's of coconut oil, butter, olive oil, etc.. Please help.

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    How is your vitamin D? Do you supplement selenium.

    And most important what about your carb intake? Folks with Hashi's need to have a minimum of 50 a day to help prevent T4 to T3 conversion issues. What thyroid tests do they run and do you know the results and reference ranges?

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      I'll see if I have a copy of my last thyroid test- I keep a file, but I'm not sure I got the copy of the last one. I do know that she doesn't test the way many conventional doctors do, she does a more in depth thyroid test. I do get plenty of carbs- I don't limit my fruits and veggies. Vitamin D levels were good in my recent test and also in the test before that. And I do take a selenium supplement, along with several others daily. It's frustrating to be eating the best I ever have, and working so hard on my health, and some things just aren't getting better.


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        How's your ferritin level? Sex hormones--estradiol, progesterone, testosterone? Blood sugar?


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          All within normal ranges- and this is why my doctor was unsure what was causing the hair loss.


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            Just curious, did you get the NutrEval nutritional evaluation? I'm doing one tomorrow.


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              On the Omega 3 front, have you tried krill oil?


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                And if you get the chance, you might want to post your last labs (with the reference ranges) for peeps to see if they can find anything that stands out. A lot of us have gone through issues and have varying stages of expertise in different vitamin/mineral deficiencies and things!
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                  Forgive me if you know this already, but just because you are within the "normal" range for TSH, tT3 and T4, that doesn't mean you are "normal" for you, right? The lab I test at has a "normal" tsh range of 1.5 - 3.5. If I were at 3.5 (hell, even 2.5) I'd be incapable of getting out of bed. My "normal" TSH is .1 - .5. Same sort of thing with T3 and t4.

                  So, if you are in the "normal" range, but still having symptoms (hair loss is a tell tale symptom), then you need more replacement hormone. Are you using Synthroid or Armour? IF you're using synthroid, try switching to armour. It's a more balanced replacement and I feel a thousand times better having made the switch (never could stay stable on just synthroid!)


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                    I've had hair loss for years, varying from very severe to normal at times. When I first started eating PB, my hair loss slowed A LOT, then bam! Falling out so bad that I was thinking I would be bald if it continued. While I had technically 'normal' ferritin according to much of the medical establishment (36), I started supping with iron (in particular HemaPlex). Took about 30 days for the loss to slow down, but I am 2 weeks into normal hair loss. No more handful upon handful. Now, after a shower, when I (wide tooth) comb my hair, maybe 5 to 10 hairs come out. Such a relief.

                    Seriously, I'd bet on the iron.
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                      If you have Hashimoto's, you eventually become hypothyroid--but it often presents 'sub-clincally'--i.e., blood values appear 'normal.' It is very likely that you now need supplemental hormones.

                      That's why it took me about 5 years to get a diagnosis. The endo who finally diagnosed me told me that many patients present with labs that appear 'normal,' which is why any good thyroid doctor considers symptoms as well.


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                        adding fertility charting to the mix can help yuo map out your own hormones, determine what "normal" is for you (as lolov mentioned, "ranges" are not specific to *you*), and help you figure out what needs to be fine-tuned.

                        in addition to all of this great advice, things like cold showers can stimulate thyroid function, so there are ways to kick things up in addition to nutritional factors.