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New Primal Guy - I'm in Ketosis...Some questions?!?!

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  • New Primal Guy - I'm in Ketosis...Some questions?!?!

    Hey Grokens,

    I've been in full Ketosis for a week now, as per keto-stix. First time doing this ketosis stuff ever.

    My daily consumption of carbs is 30 - 40 grams per day (mainly green vegetables and very small to none fruit). I'm feeling great doing my primal fitness program and eating primal. My initial stomachaches and abdominal pain are gone...

    Few questions...

    1. I noticed that once I adjusted my protein intake to about 1gram per lean muscle, all abdominal pain went away.
    a. Could it be possible that too much protein (1.5 - 2.0 g per lean muscle) produce abdominal pain?

    2. I'm in about 30% body fat. My goal is 10%.
    a. Is that a reachable goal?
    b. Can I stay on ketosis until I accomplish body fat goal without any fears of health complications?

    3. Also, I'm taking thyroid replacement hormones every day due to a full thyroidectomy.
    a. Any idea how often should I check with my doctor my doses levels.
    b. Can ketosis be a bad thing for people taking thyroid hormones?

    Let me know your thoughts...

    Thanks in Advance,

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    a. Yes.
    b. Ordinarily, yes. But thyroid problems (or in your case, NO thyroid) really throw a wrench into the works, from what I've read here. You may also reach a fat loss plateau that you just can't break through without upping your carbs and getting out of ketosis, at least for a while.
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