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Should I not be drinking with meals? Or chewing gum?

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  • Should I not be drinking with meals? Or chewing gum?

    So I heard this bit of information last night on a Podcast (Wellness Break Radio, which is definitely on board the high fat/low carb/good wholesome food approach to eating) and am wondering what you guys think, or if you've even heard this before because I haven't:

    They said (paraphrasing) that the best way to absorb all of the vitamins, minerals etc from your food is to not drink during your meal, and to refrain from drinking until at least an hour after eating. This is because, they say, when you take a sip of something, even water, your digestive enzymes are triggered and released. Since we only have a finite amount of these enzymes at any given time, one would be wasting them on water and should therefore ensure they are only being used on the food you eat.

    They apply this same principle to gum-chewing--since this also releases digestive enzymes, you may not have enough left over to get the full benefits of your food when the time comes around to eat your meal.

    What are your thoughts? Is this legit?

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    Personal opinion is a little bit of liquid wouldn't hurt but I certainly wouldn't want to guzzle down a whole bunch during a just doesn't feel right I guess? But then again as somebody mentioned on another post on this topic, what about things like soups? Hopefully someone who has experimented both ways can chime in here as I'm curious also.


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      I don't drink with my meals and I don't chew gum, but this is purely out of personal preference. I just don't get thirsty while eating and I don't like chewing gum.

      If you're not having any digestion problems, then I wouldn't worry too much about it. On the other hand, if you're like me and really like to tinker, then I'd say go for 30 days where you choose not to drink with meals or chew gum. If you're feeling better than ever, weigh the cost vs. benefit ratio. Is it worth giving up liquids during meals and chewing gum (that is, if you REALLY enjoy either of those...haha)?

      As for the validity of it all? Chewing gum might cause your body to release some enzymes, but I don't know how bad the negative consequences would be (if any at all). I'm not sure about drinking water releasing digestive enzymes; that sounds a little bogus. Although, I know it DOES dilute the HCl in your stomach. This could have a slight to moderate negative effect on digestion efficiency and nutrient absorption, especially if you are coming from a past of digestion difficulties.

      For those of you struggling with digestion, I would recommend giving it a try. Already tried it and need even more help? Robb Wolf recommends the Now Foods Super Enzymes (capsules not tablets). Start by taking one just before, or during, a meal and increasing by one capsule each time you eat a meal until you feel a postprandial warm sensation in your stomach. From there, reduce the capsule amount by one and keep taking that amount with your meals until you feel that warm sensation again, at which point you will reduce the capsule amount again. Rinse and repeat.
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        Interesting. I don't have any digestion problems that I know of, but am more concerned about the absorption of what I'm eating. It'd be good to know that I'm getting the full benefits out of all the veggies and good fats I'm consuming. I'm a heavy water-drinker, btw, and especially with meals, which is why this is a little disconcerting. I'm also a pretty big gum-chewer too...


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          I chew gum all the time because I have dragon breath!


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            Originally posted by ScurvyDog View Post
            I chew gum all the time because I have dragon breath!
            What gum do you find the most primal?
            A steak a day keeps the doctor away