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  • "No sugar added" juices...

    But the bottle says the grams of sugar is 29g per serving??

    Is this a new trick where "technically" there is no sugar added?

    I've noticed "no sugar added" on a lot of drinks with 20+ g of sugar.

    I suppose 30g is better than 45g.

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    The simple fact is that fruit juice (which I'm assuming you're talking about) is so full of natural sugar that occurs in the fruit that there is no need to add any additional sweetener to it.

    I think it's the "juice cocktails" that are in the 35% real juice range that need to be sweetened to make up the difference.
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      Have you ever squeezed all the juice out of a single orange? It's a pretty small amount. Made me realize the HUGE number of oranges that must go into a single glass of juice. That's a lot of natural sugar in a very unnatural, concentrated, liquid state. Avoid fruit juices like they're candy.

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        Fructose city. When there is concentrated fruit juice, or juice from concentrate as an ingredient, you can bet its a high-fructose drink, most likely different from actually juicing your own fruit (which I don't think is all that healthy either--better to just eat the whole fruit.)
        Fruit, which has fiber, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, slows the absorption of the sugars. By eating whole fruit, one can only consume so much at a time. Drinking fruit juice, on the other hand, enables one to consume many more sugars in a sitting....No "fruit-sweetened" anything; fruit-sweetened is a code name for fructose.
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          You can "decrease" the sugar by mixing the juice into water. I drink black cherry juice for it's anti-inflammatory effect, but mix 1/4 cup of juice into 1 1/2 cups of water. Play with the amount of water to get the effect you want.
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            If I feel the need to drink any kind of fruit juice for its "health benefits" (questionable, I know... but tart Montmorency cherry juice is one of my final sacred cows), I just take it like a shot. Not to be drank a pint at a time, for sure. I should probably just keep it in the medicine cabinet.