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  • Anti-Estrogenic diet - Ori Hofmekler

    I purchased this book on a whim, found it for $5 at with shipping it will be less than $10, itís by Ori Hofmekler author of The Warrior Diet. I havenít gotten it yet but Iím excited to read it. Hereís a quick interview with him, not sure when itís dated:

    Anybody read it, thoughts? I think heís definitely a paleo author, but have admittedly never read anything by him, yet.

    Is the Warrior Diet book worth it? Iíve heard mixed reviewsÖ
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    I am a fan of Ori and his writings inspite of the fact that I don't necessarily follow a warriors diet. If you want to read more informative articles by him visit dragondoor and warriordiet blog. You might also find some great info on dragon door forums in the nutrition section.


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      I have the Warrior Diet and Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat books. Very interesting, sometimes overly technical (and I have no way of verifying his "facts"b. I wouldn't say he is Primal or Pale although I think you could mesh the two schools of thought quite easily.


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        I have a copy of the Warrior Diet (from long before I found PB) but I have never heard of this book. It sounds interesting. When you have finished reading it resurrect this thread and tell us what he says so we can discuss it. I am really interested in this anti-estrogenic idea, though I suspect it will boil down to a very strict paleo diet with an emphasis on grass fed meats.
        A steak a day keeps the doctor away


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          The Warrior Diet got me into's a great book and intermittent fasting can be very beneficial to folks.


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            I used to Follow the WD for about 2 years, I was a huge fan of Ori and read and listened to everything he said. While the WD is perfectly fine to combine with a primal/paleo approach, the AED suggests a specific, 3 weeks detox plan. The first week is almost no animal protein (as far as I remember, a little dairy is allowed) and very high carb (typical main meal would be beans, rice and veggies) and Ori writes that this first stage is the most effective for weightloss and detox. The second week is high fat, Ori loves almonds and other nuts so these are the main fat sources.
            The third week is the reintroduction week.
            As you can see, there are many parts that completely disagree with the paleo philosophy.
            On the other hand, Ori is spot on when it comes to the dangers of xeno-estrogens.

            I really liked the guy and thought he had good intentions until I heard some not so good stuff about him from reliable sources.

            Hope that helps


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              Thanks Longquan, the detox sounds like it's actually pretty toxic but I'm sure it's written with the typical person in mind so I'll see how I can implement some of his advice into my life. If anything I just want to read more about anti estrogen containing "foods". From the tv interview (link in first post) it sounded like it was about eating whole foods, not ridiculous carb loading. We'll see.
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                Resurrecting this thread. I didn’t yet finish the book but don’t think I will be, here’s why:

                The first few chapters are very informative about estrogenic foods. I do think that was worth the money I spent. Turns out I’m not heavily consuming any estrogen-promoting foods so that’s good. The anti-estrogenic foods I’m also eating on a regular basis. Like I said I haven’t finished the book, but I skimmed through the meal plans today.

                My gripes:

                - Ori doesn’t care to disregard ALL grains and legumes. White rice and some beans like garbanzo, black beans, etc, are okay. I don’t flat-out disagree with him here, but it’s not exactly paleo, which by the way the book never claims.

                - Heavy emphasis on wild caught fish, which is great, but though he does say grass fed beef is superior to conventional, none of his meal plans include it. He advocates grass fed dairy a lot more than the meat itself.

                - The first week sounds pretty tough. He wants people to under eat during the day (fine by me) and over eat at night (with ya there) but for the typical American it would be a very tough transition. I don’t suppose the Anti-estrogenic diet ever took off due to this. Breakfast was assorted non-estrogenic fruits (berries, citrus fruits) lunch was cruciferous veggies or a juice comprised of those and lunch was more of the same but you could have a bit of protein.

                He does state athletes should consume more protein and more food in general than his plan states. Also, some of the recipes at the end of the book aren’t too bad. I was hoping a bit more from the book but maybe a more in-depth read will change my mind. I’m happy I didn’t spend too much on it though, for sure.

                It can definitely be paleo-fied JUST by removing grains/legumes and maybe adding in more meat. I don’t think he ever even mentions any animal proteins besides beef and fish. All in all, if you’re following a primal diet free of processed foods you’re pretty damn close to an anti-estrogenic diet, better, I would argue since you don’t deal with any grain/legumes.
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                  So what are estrogen-promoting and anti-estrogenic foods?
                  A steak a day keeps the doctor away


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                    Sounds like a re-hash of what he said in his other books. Thank you for the update.


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                      Originally posted by Bushrat View Post
                      So what are estrogen-promoting and anti-estrogenic foods?
                      I'll grab the book and come back later but suffice it to say that a primal diet is for the most part fairly anti-estrogenic. Ori is pretty much saying stop eating processed foods, there's not a lot of naturally occurring estrogen-promoting food you would just pick up and eat. I may have skimmed too quickly though so I'll get back to you maybe later today.


                      See? keep it primal.
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                        well, I'll resurrect this thread as I just got back from our local WAPF meeting and this book was the topic. She gave us a list of the estrogen-promoting and anti-estrogenic foods:


                        lavender (she shared the story of a woman who had to stop using lavender soap on her son as he was developing breasts...)
                        licorice & red clover - both inhibit progesterone as well
                        chocolate and caffeine products
                        omega-6 oils
                        pesticides in food, water and air
                        BPA in plastic food and water containers
                        meat from female animals
                        sugar, grains, foods that raise insulin
                        petroleum products: such as parabens in personal products
                        estrogenic medications & chemicals in water supply
                        pthalates in PVC, nail polish, perfume, adhesives, in PCB paint pigments, lubricants
                        many sunscreens, except zinc & titanium oxides
                        weed killer
                        red dye #3
                        detergent by-products
                        dong gui, damiana, black cohosh, verbena, motherwort (often recommended for hot flashes)
                        hops (in beer)

                        cruciferous vegetables (broc, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauli - cooked, not raw)
                        green tea polyphenols
                        quercitin (onion & garlic - also anti-metastatic)
                        reservatrol (grapes, red wine)
                        apigene (chamomile- also, anti-metastatic)
                        mandrake, juniper, mistletoe (anti-proliferative- inhibit ER+ and er- breast cancers)
                        turmeric (antagonizes ER+ and ER-)
                        chrysin (passion flower)
                        citrus fruits
                        omega-3 foods- olives, cold water fatty fish, flax
                        vitamin C
                        seeds & legumes other than soy (flaxseed, hempseed, sesame, pumpkin, walnuts, almonds, pecans)
                        CLAs in organic grass-fed dairy
                        whole oats and barley

                        Of course, you want to avoid as much of the estrogenic list but if you do consume something on the estro list, balance it out with something from the anti-estro list. also follow these lifestyle factors to lower estrogen:

                        -exercise, reduce stress, get more than 7 hrs sleep (what in the world am i doing up at 1230pm??) in a dark room, to bed by 10pm. It takes 8 weeks to reset your circadian/adrenal rhythm.

                        -timing meals to eating light during the day with no grains, then eating most of your daily food at large evening meal, whole grains near end of meal in small amount is allowed (doesn't sound so 'high carb' to me).

                        - digestive enzymes and food with live enzymes may help reduce estrogen metabolites

                        ...Let me know, iniQuity, if you want to sell me your book!