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Need help with protein ideas

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  • Need help with protein ideas

    I am on a rotational diet because of my 37 food allergies so I can only eat eggs every other day. I also cannot have any dairy. I can't have whey protein either. I can alternate hemp or rice protein but they are not very good! I need some other suggestions for protein besides just meat. I usually eat protein 5 times a day. I'm struggling with breakfast on my non-egg day as well.

    I can eat pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts and coconut, but no almonds. I am trying to lose 10lbs so I don't want to go too crazy on the nuts or nut butters.

    Any ideas for me?


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    There's oodles of variety available in meat, fish and shellfish, surely? (I like white fish for breakfast sometimes - not too overwhelming first thing in the morning!)

    Oh, and - 5 times a day? Probably after a while on Primal you'll find you don't need to eat so often.


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      It's really not neccesary to eat 5 times a day. As Kurt Harris said "don't graze like an herbavore". I used to do the 5-6 meals a day, but since going primal I eat twice a day(and occassionaly once) and have become a big fan of the IF. The only protein suggestions I would make are beef, bison,pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, fish, deer, gator(one of my favorites), maybe raccoon (sorry Stabby), and most anything else you have to kill to eat. But that's just me.
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        Good point about not eating so frequently. Though I definitely need a snack in the afternoon. Maybe I am just in search of breakfast recipes with meat. Are sausages PB? Lunch and dinner are no problem. I just can't have the same proteins two days in a row.


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          Check out some of Paul Chek or Antonio valladares info on rotational dieting...they have great recommendations for every macronutrient (including protein)
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