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  • Fuel List & Recipes (See and print pages 10-13 for a grocery list)

    Check this out! Excellant grocery list it breaks it all down and lots of recipes.

    not so good fuel
    fuel substitutes
    primal shopping list
    Endurance athlete recovery fuel

    I take this every where I go !

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      It is a good reference for recipes, it leans more toward Paleo than Primal I would say (bacon, butter not good choices) But great for recipes and new ideas!

      Butter....bacon....oh man now I wish I was not at the office without lunch today!
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        Hi Red..
        Bacon would list as pork or all other natural meats and butter(dairy) is to be used in moderation in primal even if some of us use it all the time,that is why it is listed in not so good.
        It is not a complete list, but it is the closest I have ever seen and even list fruits low to high ....

        It says lean or organic above meats, if you can not afford organic cuts, then leanest commercial cuts as possible
        is also recommend in Marks book pg. 120. Hormons, antiboitics and pesticides are stored in fat of com. animals that why they want you to buy lean and add healthy fats..

        Have a great afternoon at work!! Been home sick for the last week, yuck!