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Quinoa? Thoughts about it and PB?

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  • Quinoa? Thoughts about it and PB?

    As I've read the book, I was looking for any info on Quinoa and didn't see any references to it. Its not a grain and its closely related spinach.

    I know its one of the only foods that has all 9 amnio acids in its make up. I've eaten it for years b/c of its high protein count.

    wondering what everyone's thoughts are on it?
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    Complete protein, but high carb. Also produces untoward results in some celiacs. Very high carb.


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      I will eat it occasionally, but only after soaking it. From searching other threads, some people say not to eat it at all, but as it's not really a grain, if I prep it I don't feel bad having it occasionally.


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        I did a quick search of the blog:
        Reader Response: Alternatives to Grains? What about Quinoa?

        I don't think the article mentions the saponin content of quinoa, which is a concern I've heard mentioned. It's covered in the Wikipedia article though.


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          While it doesn't contain gluten, quinoa does contain saponins, which are mildly toxic. If you eat quinoa, make sure you wash it thoroughly to remove some of the saponins. Quinoa is notably high in protein for a pseudo-grain, but ultimately it still is predominantly carbohydrates. If you do choose to continue eating quinoa, I would recommend treating it as an occasional indulgence.
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