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Expert advice needed on calories

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  • Expert advice needed on calories

    I am trying to figure out some calorie counts for my self and have used many of the online resources. I am not sure what counter will give me the best results when it comes to grass fed beef. I eat grass fed beef all the time now but last night I had 1lb T-bone, one medium yam, one med Valida onion and one can mushrooms. I used 2 tbsp of butter and 2 tbsp of coconut oil.

    If even one person would figure out what this meal would come out to calorically I would appreciate it very much. If you could also let me know what resource you used to do the calculations.

    I am sure when Grok came across some good food he would get his grub on and I sure did.
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    Not an expert by any means, but there are heaps of websites that can help with this (Dailyburn, Fitday, Nutrition Data, Wolfram Alpha). you cant and shouldnt get too obsessed with how exact it is, a rough value is fine.

    I used wolfram alpha and got about 1700 calories.
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      I have noticed for the most part that I am very satisfied on a relatively low number of calories and I was interested in tracking it for a time. This one meal represents a whole day. I am not concerned about a single day and will most likely not eat much at all today. When I do have a good meal I don't eat for a much longer period of time naturally.

      Thanks, you did come up with the same number I did.
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        You can put all that food on and it will do the math for you.

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          thanks RSL, I signed up and will track things for a while just to see what I am doing.
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