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Primal with no Fridge - Freezer - suggestions wanted

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  • Primal with no Fridge - Freezer - suggestions wanted

    I have a friend who lives way up on a mountain where she has no electricity. She has a garden with veggies but since she can't refrigerate or freeze foods, she says she would find it difficult to be fully paleo because it is hard to find good canned meats that aren't full of salt and other crap.

    I've been searching the internets and so far I've found some canned fish at this place called Vital Choice but I haven't found any beef or other meat that isn't really expensive.

    I'd appreciate suggestions on what types of foods folks without a fridge can buy that are primal and where one might buy them that they would ship out to the outskirts of BFE, up a hill, across a rickety bridge, take a right at that tree and look out for the mountain lions.
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    Some good beef jerky would be a start. There are a few different varieties around as well as things like venison jerky which would relieve the monotony.


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      Depending on the mountain and such, she might try some of the older cold storage methods: buried beneath the frostline, root cellar, double barreling (I can't remember the official term, but African natives use(d) it to keep stuff cool. Essentially it was a slightly smaller barrel (1-2" diameter difference) inside a larger one, with the larger one being filled with sand or water to act as an insulator.) There are others, but they aren't coming to mind at the moment.
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        Coolgardie safe is an excellent way to store vacuum packed meat for a couple of weeks
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          Lactofermentation of a lot of the veg, and drying of some of the rest would be a promising approach.

          It sounds like she isn't making it easy for herself, mountain lions and all that. How does she feel about keeping animals like chickens or cuys? (guinea pigs) She could get a lot of nutrition from eggs, but she'd have to provide protection from predators.

          Cheese can be well stored if kept fairly cool. Unsalted butter can be made into ghee, which keeps without refrigeration even in hot climates for long, long times. Yes, I think I'd suggest buying the best quality unsalted butter she can find, and making about a year's supply of ghee. It could make anything else she is eating far more palatable and nutritious.


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            Originally posted by Simon View Post
            Some good beef jerky would be a start. There are a few different varieties around as well as things like venison jerky which would relieve the monotony.
            And yes it's expensive because 1 pound of jerky is made from 8 pounds of meat if I recall correctly. The trick is finding some with no sugar...


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              Lots of options, but need more info on her situation.

              You can make or buy all kinds of technologies to help in these situations. Solar ammonium ice makers, photovoltaics, wind turbines, small scale hydro, dehydrators, fermentation crocks, etc.

              On foods that require very little storage tech, there are some options. Pemmican. Jerky. Biltong. Sardines. Salted fish. Cured meats. Fermented veggies. Etc.
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                You need to check into the Icey Ball freezer----all you need is a fire to freeze things. Years ago I made one from an old box freezer and two copper balls from a toilet. Sold it long ago, wish I didn't.

                Here's a link to get you started. Google for a lot more references.

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                  She should can the heck out of everything, veggies, meats, etc. That's the best way to store things and not have to worry about it, as long as she's got a place to keep it where it won't freeze and bust. I've got an aunt and uncle who shoot their max in deer every year, their kids do too, and they can a ton of it. I've not tried canning meat yet but they say it's super easy, I can bunches of fruits and veggies every year, works great as my freezer currently is stuffed with the beef we butchered. She could purchase meat in quantities and put it up, or shoot a deer.