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Getting the most performance out of workouts.

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  • Getting the most performance out of workouts.

    My workouts are very strange, sometimes they are an awesome clinic of intensity, other times I get gassed 15 minutes in and call it a day.

    Sure it's down to rest/nutrition.

    But what timing? I've done fasted, Breakfast then working out 2 hours later, Breakfast then working out 4-5 hours later, breakfast, then banana before working out. And I can't find the status quo.

    Mondays are my heavy weights day and I want a good session tommorow. Recently I've been having a 'drained' fatigue feeling (which has gone away now), could this be down to lack of carbs to fufill my heavy, intense workouts?

    How do you get the MOST out of your sessions?

    By the way I always have coffee before a workout!