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women: fat / calorie / carb/ amount per day?

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  • women: fat / calorie / carb/ amount per day?

    question for the women:
    what is your approximate 1) calorie 2)fat 3) carb intake for the day?

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      depends on the day but my fat is ususally 50-60% then carbs 30% and protein 20%. my carbs are always 100g or under. usually around 70g daily and i'm maintaining my weight at 5'4 114lbs. some days i eat 800-900 cals and others 1500-1700. i just listen to my hunger signals for each particular day


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        Usually between 75 and 125g of carbs (slightly more on weightlifting days as I eat lots of carbs and protein PWO)
        Calories... I have no idea... probably somewhere between 2000 and 2500
        Fat ... I dunno, it's lower than what most people here eat though (usually). But I feel lethargic if I eat too much fat.
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          Well, I am coming off of having lost 100 lbs through CW, which included meticulously counting calories day in and day out for 3 years. I lost the weight in about 1 year, and I've maintained for 2 years. I've just completed 1 whole day (yesterday) and part of today without knowing how many calories I've taken in (literally the first time in nearly 1100 days that I don't know how many calories I've eaten). I do have about 10 mini notebooks full of 3 years worth of daily weight, calories, macros, exercise, and water consumption. In addition to having tracked intake and output on paper, I tracked everything in duplicate on, so I could graph everything. I am trying to let my hunger guide me, rather than the right macronutrient ratios or the clock. Let me tell you, not carrying my notebook with me (my Dumbo feather) is very scary. I feel that I'm ready to move on from accounting for something that should be so basic as eating. At a family gathering last Thanksgiving I was journaling what I ate, and my husband's aunt asked me if I was taking notes on the family. Clearly it's time for me to move on from worrying about calories. haha

          In light of all that, I have maintained 5'4" 125lbs on an average of 2000 calories per day (32 years old, btw). Some days I ate up to 4000 non-Primal calories and some days I ate as few as 700 Primal calories. I have been Primal since August and haven't "cheated" or whatever is the right way of referring to it. As far as macronutrient ratios, I feel I can get by on a wide range of breakdowns, but I feel most satiated on 60% fat, 20% protein, 20% carbohydrates, or close to that.

          If my protein drops too low, I get hungry. If I eat carbohydrates in the morning, I am hungry all day. For instance, I had eggs in coconut oil and a sweet potato today. Now usually I have only the eggs in coconut oil and skip the sweet potato. Well, the addition of sweet potato has made me mightily hungry; more hungry than if I just hadn't eaten it (or anything) at all. Also, as far as satiety goes, I am finding (with the help of some reading on here) that my body just isn't as satisfied with plant fat as it is with animal fat. I wish I could feel full with avocados, nuts, etc. It just doesn't happen. So for me, it has to be about eating my animals and then think about eating my plants.

          Finally, I exercise a bit, so maybe you ought to factor that into your consideration of my caloric needs. I lift full body very heavy weights 3 days per week, for about 90 minutes each day. I also walk some, 4-6 miles on 4-5 days a week. I do HIIT of 20-30 minutes 2 days per week.


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            I eat between 1600 and 2200 calories most days. Sometimes a little lower, but not often. My ratios end up at 50-60% fat, 20-30% protein and 10-20% carbs. I am usually between 50 and 150 for carbs.

            I exercise regularly.

            I am about 5'6" and currently weigh about 155 pounds, my goal is to be at about 145. My current BF% is around 29%, I want to get to 20%. I wear a size 14 (US) for pants and a medium or large top. (Not that you asked, but it gives an idea of how to compare )

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              1954 cal
              54% Fat
              41 g carb
              151g Protein
              + glass of organic red wine

              low on carbs for me, generally around 60-80, but a pretty standard day overall


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                I unintentionally cycle calories. It's just the way my body works.
                Light day:
                cal: ~1200
                Fat: 80 +/- 10 grams
                Carbs: 10- 30 g
                Protein: 40- 60g

                Normal day:
                Cal: ~1600
                Fat: 90+/- 20 g
                Carbs: 40-60g
                Protein: 100- 150g

                Usual pattern is 2 or 3 normal days then 1 light day.
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                  Last time I entered a day in Fitday I hit about 100g carbs, 80g protein, 200g fat. Came to around 2500 calories.