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New Chapter products - anyone else use their products?

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  • New Chapter products - anyone else use their products?

    Hi All,

    I am curious if anyone else uses NewChapter products. I have been using Every Man's One Daily and Wholemega Fish Oil for the past month. I really think they are great and is good for my budget. I would love to get Mark's products in the future, but for budgetary constraints, these are the ones I use for now.

    Wholemega Fish Oil

    Every Man's One Daily

    Given that we would rather steer away from processed things, their fish oil is really less refined and more "raw" in a sense. Is that a good thing?

    Do you guys think I chose the right product for supplementation for a primal lifestyle? I know the ideal would be Mark's products but for now, I think these will do. Any comments will be much appreciated. Thanks!

    I will be scouting around the forum to see what you guys use for whey protein supplementation too. Thanks!

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    I use New Chapter's Everywoman's One Daily. Since I rotate it with several other multivitamins, I can't report on whether this particular multi makes me feel especially good, but it seems like a decent multi choice, particularly when coupled with iHerb's generous New Chapter product discounts. No complaints.

    As for the fish oil, I have a couple of bottles of the New Chapter Wholemega that I ordered using the iHerb discount, but I haven't gotten around to using them yet. Looking at the info for this product, I'm surprised by how low in potency they are; you need 2 caps to get 400 mg of EPA + DHA; given that for healthy people, the minimum daily effective dose is in the ~2.5 g ballpark, that would require taking 12 caps per day, which by my calculations would cost ~$4 per day (before discount). Also, according to cillakat, you should aim to get more DHA than EPA in your fish oil, while the New Chapter product has EPA>DHA.

    Personally, I use the following 2 products, which are more potent and much less expensive:

    Now Foods, DHA-500 (4 caps/day, daily cost = $0.64)

    Life Extension Super Omega-3 (4 caps/day, daily cost = $0.80)
    (note that this product has EPA>DHA, but I really like it & it's certified to be mercury-free, so I take it anyway!)

    I'm not informed enough to comment on whether Wholemega's claim that their unrefined oil is superior, is true or not... I have read some sources (e.g. Barry Sears, "The Anti-Inflammation Zone") that claim that if the oil *isn't* refined enough, there is a good chance that it is contaminated with heavy metals.
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      New Chapter is great quality for a decent price.

      NOW is also a first rate product, as is Twin Labs and Jarrow. I stick with them wherever possible. I buy it all online, to save even more. I did a lot of research into brands and these tended to come out with the best results re. quality, purity and truthfulness of claims re. content.


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        Thank you

        Thank you both for the great reply! is great. Thank you for the suggestion. Just ordered more New Chapter Multi's and wen with the NOW fish oil product.

        Thanks again to both of you.