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  • The Whole 30, Version 3.0

    So, I have been preparing myself for a major 30 day overhaul, after reading about Dallas and Melissa's upcoming version 3.0 of their successful Whole 30 program. It starts tomorrow, which is an absolutely perfect day for me to start something like this. Good timing, in that I can let loose a little tonight, celebrating my wife's birthday, knowing it will be more than made up for in the next 30 days.

    I am a little bummed though to find out that Version 3.0 is a $39 e-book. Not that I don't think they do good work there and deserve to sell this whole thing, I'm just not able to dole out 40 bones today for it. Both kids have been at the dentist this month, so have I, etc, etc.

    But anyway, I'm going to go ahead with plain ol' version 2.0. It's not much different than what I've been doing, except I've been eating way too much sweetener, and eating quite a lot of cheese and heavy cream. Also the booze... well let's just say I'm drinking way more than zero drinks per day.

    I posted about this in a thread a while back (can't find it though) and a few people were interested... so I figured I'd throw this up here and make it the Official thread for this 30 day challenge. Anyone up to joining me on this thing?

    Also, I'm going to think over the purchase again... I'll probably save 40 bucks by not drinking this month... hmmm.

    Anyway, at least go check out version 2.0 and let's kick some ass starting tomorrow!!

    Oh yeah, even though I haven't gone with the new program, I'm still calling this thread Version 3.0 because it's the third time I'll be trying to do it. Hopefully I can stick to the goddamned thing this time.
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    I'm in! Actually, I started today, in fact. Another thread here convinced me to try dairy-free for my 16 month old son because of his ear infections, and since I am still nursing him, and for the moral support for him , and, well, because I have some lofty goals for myself, I'm jumping into this. I've been ok-ish for the last 3 weeks, but relying too much on heavy cream and cheese.

    I'm also thinking of adding a bit of IF--LeanGains style. We'll see where we are at the end of this 30 days!

    Stats right now:
    130 lbs.
    Would like to lose a few--I'm VERY small boned and very bottom heavy. So I wouldn't mind to lose a few.


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      I just checked this out and am debating on giving it a try. I have the hardest time staying on track on the weekend so maybe a 30 day challenge would be beneficial. I have also been eating a lot of dairy. I haven't noticed any adverse effect per say, but maybe it would be a good idea to remove it for a month.

      Bane- do you think the book is worth the price? It sounds like basically adds FAQ, menu planning, and shopping guide. It didn't think the free version went into a great amount of detail and thought the site a bit difficult to navigate. Thoughts?


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        Yeah, I'm not sure, still mulling it over. I don't really think I need a shopping guide or any of the recipes... maybe it's more for pure beginners? Not too sure, but I think personally I'm good with just keeping to their main guidelines. The challenge will be keeping it 100% perfect. Food choices, recipes, etc, I have no problems with.

        I guess it depends on your level of know-how with this stuff?


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          Man does THAT ever Look HARD CORE...... Ouch!

          Kinda doing my own mini version with having given up all the dairy overload this week. I also switched my first meal of the day to a frozen berrie raw greens drink and I am noticing MUCH better energy throughout the day. far superior to my pork rinds and dip that I was scarfing down.... Yikes! I will watch ya'll the next 30 days to see how you do.... I am curious if any of you will drop any additional BF? Good Luck Grokers!


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            According to the Whole 9 blog, you don't need the book to do the Whole 30. All you need will be free, on the website. The book adds stuff like shopping guides that a lot of us don't need.

            I'm doing a November clean-up of my own, but am unlikely to complete the Whole 30, 100% clean, because I've already committed to catering a huge dinner party in early Nov, and it's hard to cook well without doing some taste-testing.
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              I'm at the Keg right now. Just pounded 2 dark beers and a baked mushroom cap appy with a shit ton of cheese on it. Just ordered more beer. 4 hours and 47 minutes until the challenge starts !!!


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                Holy shit. I am eating warm bread and butter. It is so good. And wrong. (and good)


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                  step away from the bread, man!


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                    I don't get the purpose of these programs. No protein recovery shakes or stevia? What happens after 30 days? I don't get what this 30 days is supposed to do for someone who already eats healthy and is in good shape.

                    Maybe I just don't understand the fundamental purpose?


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                      Originally posted by Rivvin View Post
                      I don't get the purpose of these programs. No protein recovery shakes or stevia? What happens after 30 days? I don't get what this 30 days is supposed to do for someone who already eats healthy and is in good shape.

                      Maybe I just don't understand the fundamental purpose?
                      Yeah I am with you on this one too. I mean what is the diff between this and PB, well I see some differences, like no dairy at all and the sweetener thing.
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                        For me, I've been following this pretty close, slipping up mildly every few days or so. Maybe sticking to it for 30 days will make it stick better as a habit I won't break.

                        I don't know. I'm drunk, on pint 5 or 6, and planning how I can steal these awesome steak knives.


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                          Bane I'm in. I'm not buying anything just doing what the link you posted said to do. It's going to be hard with no splenda in my cup of Joe. Bane are you still doing simplefit?


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                            Just pushups and pullups. Planning on going back to it though.

                            Back at hotel.

                            Knives are AWESOME.


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                              Right on jedward!

                              Let's do this together, man. Let's show the world!!