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Fish Oil allergy

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  • Fish Oil allergy

    I have been popping two to three Carlson's Super Omega Gems 1000mg. fish oil per day for the last few months. I developed a rash on my upper arms that began to really itch. My wife said that someone at work had the same symptoms from fish oil. So, I quit the capsules and the rash went away.
    So, I'm wondering if this is common, as I have not heard of it here before, and also wondering if other brands, or perhaps, types of fish oil might be better. I have seen salmon oil and krill oil, etc. Just looking to tap into the experiences of fellow Grokers.

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    Skin problems seem to be a common complaint among people supplementing with fish oil.

    Personally, I find that fish oil supplements give me cystic acne (something I hardly ever get otherwise) and seem to inflame the rash-like patch of skin I have and have always had on the back of my arms. I tested it three times, and every time I began taking the fish oil my skin would flare up within a week and when I stopped it would calm down again.

    Not sure what's up, but I can eat all the whole, fatty fish I want with nothing but good results.