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Short on primal fare. Is it OK to use olive oil for sauteeing / pan frying?

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  • Short on primal fare. Is it OK to use olive oil for sauteeing / pan frying?

    I won't be able to make it to the store until tomorrow and I have hardly any primal food left in the house. My choices are pretty much the following: one large onion, a bag of sweet potatoes, olive oil, eggs, and canned tuna.

    I've heard a lot about it being bad to cook with olive oil, but is sauteeing / frying alright if I stick to medium heat? I'm completely out of butter and coconut oil. I was thinking of frying up all of the above in some olive oil after my workout today and then just fasting until I can get some better food in the house.

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    The overall answer is NO, but the interim answer is maybe, but only on very low heat as it changed the chemical composition of the oil. Why not bake the potatoes and boil the eggs?


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      Yer not gonna die


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        Olive oil is fine for sauteing at medium heat, and even when it's taken a bit higher, it's not the fats that are affected. The belief that the fats oxidize at normal heats is convention wisdom that's pretty much been debunked these days.

        The real downside would be:
        1. It's expensive to use for frying.
        2. You destroy most of the flavor.

        So in a pinch go for it, but your wallet's not going to be too happy :-)
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          @shibbel: thanks for that post. I was just about to ask why sauteeing/frying with olive oil made it un-primal
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