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Non-dairy primal food ideas for young toddler

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  • Non-dairy primal food ideas for young toddler

    This is an offshoot of another thread of mine. I'm looking for some daycare friendly food ideas for my nearly 17 month old son. I'm experimenting with dairy-free. His daycare IS willing to heat up his food. He does not have molars (yet), so hard-crunchy-veggies need not apply. Here are some of my ideas:

    1. Leftover meat & meat dishes
    2. Hard boiled eggs
    3. Fruit - berries, banana, peaches, watermelon, etc.
    4. Soft cooked veggies--spinach, broccoli, carrots
    5. Squashes
    6. Coconut flour muffins & pancakes

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    You could make little sandwiches with your coconut flour muffins if you make them as pancakes. Or use that great spinach-coconut bread recipe that's been floating around here. I honestly don't know if a 17 month old can handle a sandwich; I don't know beans about kids. You could cut up 100% beef hotdogs into finger-food sized pieces.
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      Theres a recipe on here for little green pancakes that you can use as bread, search in the recipe forum something like Primal Sandwhich. It has spinach, egg, almond flour, and.........seems like there was a 4th ingredient. But anyway you cook them up into little round pancakes and you could use them singlely or as a sandwhich.

      Cherry tomatoes
      roasted cubes of squash with a little cinnamon on them
      tuna salad or egg salad

      My kids (teens) have crabby times after watermelon, we decided that it was probably because of the high glycemic index, so we stay away from them and honeydew.......nothing worse than a cranky teen!
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        hummus (don't know how you feel about legumes....)
        "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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          Originally posted by TigerLily View Post
          hummus (don't know how you feel about legumes....)
          Yup. I would make an effort to get enough fat into him. Babies need fat for brain development.


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            Also, I noted what you said about fruit. Agreed! But if you combine that fruit with fat and protein, it will temper that sugar spike that makes your boy bounce off the walls and then, later, crash. Example: apple slices with freshly ground almond butter. It will keep him full for a long time, he can/will be able to focus/concentrate clearly, and his sugar won't spike/crash. I never eat fruit all by itself anymore -- always in conjunction with protein and fat, e.g., half a banana with a hard-boiled egg.
            "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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              1 can pumpkin
              1 jar coconut butter

              whiz in food processor and season/sweeten. put in fridge...scoops JUST like ice cream. if you add eggs(4) and scoop it on cookie sheets, you got cookies!
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