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  • Well, ouch!

    Happy Friday all! I simply must learn that I'm not invincible. I've been eating pretty well (discovered I probably need a little more fat in my diet, but I'll get the exact amount sooner or later), but last night my husband and I went to the bar at a wonderful steak house to watch the baseball playoffs. We started with Steak tartar (pretty PB), but then they brought out this bread basket that had these crispy cheesy bread things, and oh boy, were they good. (Why I tried one, I don't know - but they looked so good and I had had a glass of wine, so my resistance was down). Then I had a sald, something also PB, and then we split a burger. Normally I would just remove the bread. Nope, ate it last night. Oh, and then the little cotton candy "fortune cookie" - yeah, that was gone too.

    Fast forward to midnight. I felt as if I had a large rock trying to make it's way through my digestive system. Not fun. I thought a little bit won't hurt me. Man did I learn differently! Back on the wagon today.
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    Yeah that is what happens to me took me one time of eating crap a week or so ago to learn to never do it again, it so wasn't worth the pain. Everytime I am tempted, which isn't that often but does happen I am never going to forget that feeling. Hope things start looking up for you today
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