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Example of a PWO meal day?

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  • Example of a PWO meal day?

    So what is a good example of a typical days meal plan while carb refeeding while maintaining low fat?
    I'm finding it hard to come up with atleast 2000 calories if I don't include a pound of beef.....

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    I think you can still eat beef, but add in a banana or sweet potato and some berries. If beef is too fat for you, then have some chicken.


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      make a smoothie after your workout that includes lots of fresh or frozen berries; a frozen banana and some almond milk. Eat lots of eggs that day. lots of chicken or better yet, Salmon. Canned is okay too. Eat a salad with sliced avocado and a good olive oil dressing. You NEED the fat. it's all good when it comes to recovery and repair of muscle fibers.