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PD friendly Energy Bars?

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  • PD friendly Energy Bars?

    My last question for the day. Often I go for a sail (skiff sailing) and I used to eat an energy Bar before heading out for some extra calories. You tend to burn a TON of energy when on the skiff. I couldn't never eat any of the Soy based one's because I'm Soy-Intolerant, but I used to eat Larabar bars.

    I was looking at the site and they seems to be close to fitting into the PB... at least some. I stared with the Coconut Cream Pie Bar.

    These are NOT for meal replacement, but for adding a bunch of Calories or other energy sources before going sailing. Protein shakes before sailing don't work well because you have so much fluid sloshing around inside of you. Any thoughts?

    If you know of a good PD alternative I'm all ears.


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    I love Larabars but the high sugar buzz from the fruit (dates) doesn't agree with me. While not strictly primal, I found Quest protein bars to be one of the best I've found with no soy or sugar alcohols while also being low sugar and low carb. I tried both flavors from a free sample offering a while back and recommend the vanilla flavor.


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      Larabars are pretty good. Yeah they have a lot of sugar (by primal standards at least, lol), but when I eat them I'm usually climbing or something so I need it anyway.

      Kind bars are also pretty good; I think they have honey in them but again, I use them for sports and stuff so the carbs are needed anyway.
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        The lara bars are pretty high in sugar, but for athletes they should be just fine. I also like Mrs Mays Trio Bars, less, sugar, more nuts. Mark posted a link to some pretty interesting "design-your-own" bars recently but I can't remember what they were called.


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          Originally posted by Rip City View Post
          Mark posted a link to some pretty interesting "design-your-own" bars recently but I can't remember what they were called.
          Were they the You Bars?

          To the OP, here are some others to consider:



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              I think the larabars are a good choice for that sort of situation. And if you wanted to be sure of the quality of your ingredients or to have more variety, you could make your own... just look at a few of the larabar copy recipes online for the basics, and use whatever dried fruit, coconut, cocoa powder, spices, etc you would like. (I haven't done that yet but it's on my list of food projects to tackle soon!)
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                I made these for long hikes....DELISH. I am still working on getting them to stick together a bit better...but flavor is awesome.
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