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Thoughts on Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

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  • Thoughts on Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

    What's the difference between extra virgin and virgin coconut oil? I'm thinking of buying Nutive EVCO,but currently I use VCO. Thoughts?

    Thinking of this one:

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    One of them has never even been to first base.

    No seriously, I have no idea, just bumping this up! Hopefully someone will know...
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      This site says there is no difference between virgin and extra:

      I recently got some Nutiva extra virgin and it is freaking delicious. Before this, my only coconut oil experience was Spectrum refined. It has no taste, so I guess it's good for some things, but the coconut flavor in Nutiva is just... amazing. I had it on a purple sweet potato recently and I think I actually was in heaven for a few moments.