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Sesame oil!?!?!!!! Be gentle!!!!

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  • Sesame oil!?!?!!!! Be gentle!!!!

    OK peeps, be gentle now..... lol. What's the take on sesame oil? I know it's from a seed, but if it's on the occassional dish, it's not too bad is it?

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    I think if you mention that you use it they will throw rocks at you. I'm sure others will be along to tell why it is not the greatest of oils. (I agree; I just can't explain why well.) I do use a small amount of toasted sesame oil when making certain Asian dishes (~1 TBS) as I have not found anything to emulate that needed flavor. I use it so infrequently though that I don't worry about it.


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      "mayness, you need to have a siggy line that says "Paleo Information Desk" or something!" -FMN <3

      I'm blogging again, at least a little bit.


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        Sesame Seed OIL

        The premier “flavor oil.” Sesame seed oil, especially the toasted variety, offers an unmatched and irreplaceable flavor profile. Certain Asian dishes work best with a bit of sesame oil, but if you’re wary of using it over high heat (which you probably should be), you can always add it to the dish after cooking. Despite the high PUFA content, sesame oil also contains a ton of antioxidants that can help minimize heat oxidation. I wouldn’t use this more than semi-regularly, though. Good to keep in your pantry (or fridge), but not an everyday item.

        43% MUFA
        43% PUFA
        14% SFA
        Yaay! No rocks!

        (Thanks for the link,'s in my bookmarks but I forgot it included sesame)


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          YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ask because i'll be returning to Korea and am looking forward to some AMAZING food.