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Coconut Milk that does not get chunky??!

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  • Coconut Milk that does not get chunky??!

    I have been using the 365 Brand for months and all of a sudden, perhaps because the change in weather it isn't smooth when I pour it anymore. I shake it before I open it too. I used to love Native Forest until I bought a few bad cans one time so I may try that brand again. I use coconut milk in my coffee rather than heavy cream and am looking for something that NEVER gets CHUNKY.

    Anyone know?
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    Look for some coconut milk with emulsifiers and stabilizers. Pure coconut milk will separate and get chunky.


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      Do you live near a Trader Joe's? Their "light" coconut milk isn't solid or chunky.
      At first, I passed it up because I thought that light coconut milk sounded lame, but then I looked closer and it's "light" simply because it has more water and no thickeners (although it does have less fat, it's not low fat).


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        I picked up a few cans of Roland Classic Coconut Milk (in a brown can) at the dollar store and it is the consistency of dairy half & half and it stays that way even in the fridge. It does not separate like Thai Kitchen or Native Forest. The Roland Classic brand also has a lot less fat & calories I suspect because it contains more water? Anyways, I like it as a beverage or for things like coffee.


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          Soak the can in hot water to melt the fat before you open it.


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            Pandaroo doesn't get chunky. and comes in 165mL cans which is perfect for taking to work to add to coffee.

            Funny, I just tried a different brand this morning and was so excited to see chucks in it!


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              Originally posted by Alan M View Post
              Soak the can in hot water to melt the fat before you open it.
              I did something similar. When after I open a can I pour what is left in a glass bottle that I heat up before using.

              Another way to avoid chunks is to put your coffee and coconut milk in a blender and blend it. The blender will not only get rid of the chunk, it will make a nice foam on your coffe much like a cappuccino.


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                Hey Grokens,

                What is your opinion on Goya Coconut Milk???