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who gave up sweeteners and noticed a difference?

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  • who gave up sweeteners and noticed a difference?

    you noticed a difference in what?

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    Weight (down)
    Cravings (down)
    Energy (up)

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
    Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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      I think this depends on what sweeteners you are referring to.

      Giving up honey, maple syrup, and table sugar are vastly different than giving up something like stevia.

      I gave up honey and maple syrup but I bake sweet concoctions all the time with stevia and make primal porridges with stevia and vanilla extract. It's very sweet but I have noticed no adverse effects on my body or weight.

      If I did the same with honey, I can guarantee you my story would be different.


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        I am WAY down on my sweeteners... the only place I use it is in tea or coffee - only one packet of Splenda or Stevia a day, if that. What I have noticed is in my taste buds... everything is sweeter and things I always needed to add to, I don't anymore.
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          I didn't use much sweetener, not being a coffee or tea drinker, or a baker, but I have given up eating candy, drinking sodas or ingesting much of anything with sugar or high fructose. What it has done for me is make me much calmer mentally. This thrills me.


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            I can't eat sweets. Any sort of cheat thing that I used to love is so nasty sweet to me, it's just icky. I use a bit of stevia to sweeten my tea and if i bake something with coconut flour i'll either use stevia or a small amount of maple syrup or honey...just enough for a slight sweetness as opposed to sickening sweetness.
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              Gave up sugar - lost 30+ pounds, got more muscular and shit. Also did a bunch of other things at the same time, though. Grains, meat, etc.

              Then I went really hardcore and gave up artificial sweetener for a couple of months - noticed that I enjoyed tea and coffee a shit ton less. Noticed nothing else.


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                No more hunger rollercoasters, which led to mood swings. Giving up sugar was one of the greates things I have done for my mental state. I occasionally use xylitol or stevia, and will have 90% cocoa chocolate without issue. When I do cave and eat something conventionally sweetened it is insanely intense and I can't eat much. I need very little sweetner of any kind now. However, when I do have something sugary, I find that for the rest of the day I will be craving something or other...sugar is a hardcore trigger.

                It takes about 10 days to get over it if I find myself eating sweets again (at a family occasion, or when tired or not paying attention--hey it happens, but I work on making sure it happens rarely).